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Super zippers “Modern art and eternal love” (2023)

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Super zippers “Modern art and eternal love” (2023)

Second work by the Gernika quartet, with which they wanted to give a slight twist to their musical proposal; a conceptual album in which they intend to warn of the risks of this hectic life that we lead today, where it seems that everything has to be immediacy and haste.

Direct songs that move in a diverse range of sounds, but always framed within pop rock. Thus, we find ourselves with a very varied album, where they handle the times perfectly so as not to be boring at any time, and where we find practically everything, making their influences clear, which could range from La Fuga or Dikers to Lori Meyers, El Canto del Loco and even groups from the 80s… And as always, I say this to focus the listener a bit, not to imply that Superzippers are dedicated to copying these bands, because it is not like that and because, surely, if they When we asked them, I would not have been right with any of the references… What’s more, the attempt by those from Gernika to try to create their own personal stamp is commendable, beyond all those references mentioned, something that, without a doubt, they will achieve if they continue this way.

As a sign of this musical restlessness, the very long song with which the album ends: ‘Arte moderno’, a composition of more than eight minutes that begins as an acoustic half-time, and grows until it reaches epic heights, in which the riffs guitar and drums dominate the set, while keyboard sounds and distorted voices appear in a really interesting bridge. A brave statement of intent that demonstrates the open-mindedness of a band totally free of prejudice.

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The same freedom that leads them to be just as comfortable going through rock in ‘Stratocaster fiesta’ or in ‘Ya’, than embracing electronic sounds with eighties airs in ‘Amor Eterna’ or, above all, in ‘Generation of ’27’, explicit generational portrait of a youth that is well prepared, and yet, prematurely bored and surpassed by the social circumstances that they have had to live, where it is difficult to find a halo of hope.

But where Superzippers really shine, and where they seem to feel most comfortable is practicing those indie rhythms on songs like ‘Ex’ or ‘Mis amigos y tus amigas’, always keeping one foot in the most classic pop, serve as an example of this’ Politone’ or ‘Amore’, and stepping on the accelerator when the situation requires it, like in ‘Chupa Chups’, where, by the way, they remember Duncan Dhu… (look, I wouldn’t have imagined this reference).
‘Modern art and eternal love’, a remarkable work in which the Biscayan quartet shows their desire to continue evolving, while continuing to write their own story, overcoming stages, and above all, trying to escape all kinds of labels.

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