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Superenalotto, the 42 million jackpot hit in Teramo with a 1 euro ticket

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Superenalotto, the 42 million jackpot hit in Teramo with a 1 euro ticket

Hit the 6th Superenalotto with a 1 euro ticket. The super lucky guy is from Teramo because with a coin he won 42,590,253.89 euros. The Jackpot win was made at the Sisal Tabaccheria Nicolini point of sale located in via Statale 80. Tonight’s win is the third with an apt lineup from 2023. The winning lineup was: 8, 30, 33, 40, 64, 78, – Jolly 42- SuperStar 59. With tonight’s one, 113 Jackpots have been awarded since the birth of SuperEnalotto to date. The last “6” worth 73.8 million euros was achieved on 25 March 2023 via an online bet on Sisal.it. Record Jackpot from over 371 million euro, however, the highest awarded in the 25-year history of SuperEnalotto, was hit on 16 February 2023 by 90 winners via the systems bulletin board. A system that has distributed 90 winnings of about 4 million each to the entire peninsula.

The 10 highest winnings in history

The ranking of the 10 highest winnings in the history of SuperEnalotto: 1,371.1 million euros on 02/16/2003 – Bacheca dei Sistemi – 90 odds 2. 209.1 million euros on 08/13/2019 – Lodi (LO) 3. 177.7 million euros on 10/30/2010 – Bacheca dei Sistemi – 70 quotas 4. 163.5 million euros on 10/27/2016 – Vibo Valentia (VV) 5. 156.2 million euros on 22/05/2021 – Montappone (FM) 6. 147.8 million euros on 22/08/2009 – Bagnone (MS) 7. 139 million euros on 09/02/2010 – Parma (PR) and Pistoia (PT ) 8. 130.2 million euros on 04/17/2018 – Caltanissetta (CL) 9. 100.7 million euros on 10/23/2008 – Catania (CT) 10. 94.8 million euros on 19/ 05/2012 – Catania (CT) The superenalotto.it site, authorized by the State Monopolies as the only official information channel for consumers, is the first point of reference for Italians seeking information on products and initiatives dedicated to SuperEnalotto and to the other Number Games. .

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