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“Supersex” on Netflix – The dullest ever

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“Supersex” on Netflix – The dullest ever

“The Italian stallion” Rocco Siffredi (59) is one of the world‘s most productive porn stars, with between 1,300 and 1,700 adult films under his belt.

Now his life is depicted in a provocative new drama series, writer The Independentwhich describes the TV series as “the most explicit” or grossest that Netflix has ever made.

– Siffredi is an emblem, he is an icon, he is the cock of Western culture, says Francesca Manieri, the filmmaker behind “Supersex”.

Manieri identifies as a feminist, and says her plan for the series is to “really dive into the core of masculinity.”

“Supersex” will be released on Netflix on March 6, after the seven-episode series premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in February.

The series depicts how a guy, whose childhood name was Rocco Antonio Tano, from the small coastal town of Ortona in Italy’s poor Abruzzo region, became the world‘s most famous porn star.

GET CRITIQUE: The new Netflix series “Supersex” deals with the life of the famous Italian porn star Rocco Siffredi. But the streaming service has received criticism before the series has had time to premiere. Video: Netflix / Red Runner Show more

Steamy sex

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of steamy sex in “Supersex”.

Alessandro Borghi, who plays Rocco Siffredi, narrates Variety that he has between 40 and 50 “limit-challenging” sex scenes in the series, “some more intense than others”.

TV commentator Philip Oltermann i The Guardian sees it as problematic to present Rocco Siffredi as “the man who feminized mainstream porn”.

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CONTROVERSIAL: There are strong opinions about the new Netflix series “Supersex”. Photo: Lucia Iuorio/Netflix Show more

– A feminist? Give yourselves! Why is Netflix idolizing a porn star notorious for scenes of violence against women? he asks and continues:

– To say that rough sex is a characteristic of Siffredi’s films is an understatement. Spitting, slapping and choking are part of his standard repertoire, writes Oltermann.

“Supersex” refers, if not fully, to an infamous video in which Siffredi grabs a woman from behind while pushing her head into a toilet bowl.

Sonja pays tribute to her body: – Compliments for the tits

– Rough performer

– I am often described as a rough performer who uses violent sex, Siffredi himself said at the film festival in Berlin last month.

– But this has never been a problem for me, because I always do the scenes in collaboration with my partners. We talk together and decide if we’re going to do certain types of scenes. I didn’t wake up one morning and start having rough sex, says the former porn star.

The Italian, whose erect frame should measure between 23 and 26 centimeters and is referred to by a producer as “the biggest, most beautiful dick in the universe”, retired from the porn scene first in 2004, then in 2015 and finally in 2022. He turns 60 in May.

Siffredi is married to Hungarian-born actress Rosa Caracciolo, with whom he appeared in pornographic parodies of “The Bodyguard” and “Tarzan.” The couple has two adult sons.

– My sex life is still very active, but it is no longer out of control, Siffredi said in Berlin.

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