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[Surprised shooting case]“Bomb” was reported in Beijing on September 11, Xi’s purge was so painful | News shooting case surprised | CCP | Taliban

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[Epoch Times September 13, 2021]Hello, everyone, and welcome to “News Shooting Surprise”, my name is Daewoo.

Today’s focus: Shanghai becomes a US Air Force target? “A picture” may reveal the U.S. military’s plan to help Taiwan; Jack Ma donated 100 billion yuan to show his face! The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection responded; the second time on September 11 in the United States, Trump hosted the boxing match on the same day; Qin Gang blew swear words; Washington planned to rectify his name in Taiwan; party officials competed for donations from private enterprises.

[The United States is experiencing the “Second September 11”, the Chinese Communist Party ties up with terrorists to threaten order]

Twenty years have passed since the September 11 terrorist attacks that shocked the world. The Americans went from shock and anger to sending their children to Afghanistan for revenge and overthrowing the Taliban who had shielded the terrorists. They later killed the 9/11 culprit Osama bin Laden. In the end, at the moment of the U.S. withdrawal this year, they were killed by the Taliban again. , Al-Qaeda is ready to move in Afghanistan again. US military generals publicly stated at a news conference that the terrorist network is likely to be rebuilt in Afghanistan and the United States may have to deal with terrorist threats.

Over the past 20 years, I have traveled a lot, and everything seems to be back to the “origin.” In the past 20 years, the United States has spent money and efforts. We often say that US soldiers killed 2,448 people in Afghanistan, but this number is only military personnel, and there are contract workers in Afghanistan who cooperated with the US military, and 3,846 people died. There are also Afghan soldiers and policemen. , 66,000 people died, 1,144 other NATO soldiers died, and Afghan civilians died 47,245 people, a total of more than 120,000 deaths were directly related to the war, and 72 journalists died.

On the other side, the Taliban and anti-American militants had 51,191 deaths. Together with the Iraq War, the United States has invested at least 2 trillion US dollars in total, and related war debts have to repay interest, which is also as high as several trillion dollars.

Originally this year, if the United States successfully completed its withdrawal before 9/11, although such a huge cost was spent, it would always bring an imperfect end to the war in Afghanistan. But now, on September 11, 2021, the Taliban announced the establishment of an interim government. Today, the United States’ biggest threat, the “CCP”, is the first to congratulate the Taliban, not only risking the world’s desperation, but also providing materials worth 31 million U.S. dollars. Aid, and also talked about cooperation with the Taliban. Chinese-funded enterprises have also entered Afghanistan and are preparing to invest in construction. This series of incidents sprinkled a handful of salt on the 9/11 wounds that the Americans should have healed slightly.

What happened in Afghanistan in August this year, on the surface, was caused by the negligence of the current US government leadership. But digging into the essence of the phenomenon, we can see that the more deadly cause is the “Left”. The erosion of the “Leftist ideology” on the United States almost caused the “Second September 11” in the United States on the 20th anniversary of the September 11 incident. For the first time on September 11, the twin towers in the United States were destroyed, but today’s “second time on September 11” is destroying the two buildings of “prosperity” and “order” in the United States.

After September 11, 2001, American society has repeatedly turned to the left, and Obama’s rise to power has given this trend a strong push. On September 8, the largest bronze statue of General Robert E. Lee in the United States, located in Richmond, Virginia, was formally removed and dismantled. This is a result of local officials succumbing to the left. As a result of the pressure, leftists claimed that this American historical site is a symbol of social injustice and racial discrimination.

This bronze statue is 6.4 meters high and is erected on a 12.8-meter-high granite base. This base has long been filled with graffiti during disturbance activities by various ultra-left organizations. This is just a small passage of the American leftist movement. In recent years, the leftists have been performing frantically, denying history and culture, hating the police, inciting racial discrimination, squandering money from the treasury and taxpayers, sympathy overflowing, and loving bitches rampant. However, the real threats to the United States, such as the deception of the “CCP” and other little demons, have turned a blind eye! So that in November 2020, the big left secretly communicated with the CCP and created an unprecedented incident in the United States. I believe everyone knows what I am talking about.

If it weren’t for all of this, many things today might have been rewritten and might become less frustrating. Therefore, 20 years have passed since 9/11, and today the United States should realize that the “Left” has surpassed terrorists and has become a greater threat to the United States.


On September 11 this year, the former three presidents of the United States, Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama, and Biden, went to the former site of the former World Trade Towers in New York to mourn. This area has long been transformed into two large “Hui-shaped” waterfall pools, named “Return to Zero Land”. It has a great sense of design, which represents comfort to the souls of the dead, and also tells people’s longings.

However, among the four American politicians, one person is missing, and that is “Trump.” Trump (Trump) went to New York on September 11, but he went directly to visit the police in New York. Trump visited the office of New York Police District 17 on East 51st Street in Manhattan. There, he was warmly welcomed by the New York police and took a photo with the police and a group of local firefighters.

Trump is a native of New York. He moved to Florida in recent years, but he still visits New York from time to time. On September 11, 2001, Trump was in New York and arrived at the scene of the incident.

[September 11 incident Chinese hero stewardess receives attention again, two bones confirmed remains]

That day, a total of 19 Al Qaeda members hijacked a total of four U.S. commercial flights. One crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, one crashed into the Pentagon, and the other two crashed into the New York World Trade Center. The Twin Towers, the scene of the plane crashing into the building, has become a pain that the Americans can hardly erase.

The first person to inform the ground of the hijacking incident was a Chinese flight attendant named Deng Yuewei (Betty Ann Ong). She talked to the ground for 23 minutes and provided important information about the hijacking, which enabled the U.S. aviation department to respond quickly. , To avoid more tragedies. Deng Yuewei, who was 45 years old at the time, did not go to work that day and worked extra overtime. Originally, the plane flew from Boston to Los Angeles, but was hijacked by five al-Qaeda elements 14 minutes after takeoff. Deng Yuewei told the ground that the plane had been hijacked. The last sentence is: pray for us.

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Soon, the plane crashed into the “North Tower” of the World Trade Center, and hundreds of people were killed in the plane, including her. A total of 2,753 people were killed in the terrorist attack at the Petronas Twin Towers.

After the incident, the Americans worked hard to excavate and identify each victim in the ruins of the Twin Towers. People found two bones from the vast ruins. Through DNA testing, they confirmed that they were the remains of Deng Yuewei. Nowadays, Deng Yuewei’s name is still engraved on the side of the pond in the “Return to Ground” of the World Trade Center in New York. Here, people are used to putting a flower on the name of the deceased, or putting up a photo of them as a memorial. Today, among the victims of the Petronas Twin Towers, there are still about 1,100 dead, and the remains cannot be confirmed.

[Trump went to “Return to Ground” to pay homage to September 11 and host a “boxing match” in Florida]

On the afternoon of September 11 this year, Trump also went to “Return to Ground” alone to commemorate. Later, he set off to return to Hollywood, Florida, not Los Angeles, but Hollywood, Florida, to host a boxing match that Americans are looking forward to as a special guest.

That night, he appeared at the boxing match, and people cheered enthusiastically. The slogan “I love Trump” was very loud. Trump is still very popular among mainstream Americans, and he is still playing a role that cannot be ignored on the American political arena.

Then, regarding the reports of the September 11 incident, people think more about the United States as the “center of the circle.” In fact, the current US-China wrestling is also inseparable from the 9/11 incident.

[September 11 turned “fighting communism” into “raising communism” Jiang Jiacheng is the world’s richest man and Shen Bezos can’t compare]

Simply put, because of the 9/11 incident, the CCP only got a respite. The corrupt officials at all levels of the CCP, beginning with the former leader of the CCP, Jiang Zemin, also had an excellent opportunity to “make a fortune in a dull voice.”

In January 2001, on the eve of the September 11th incident, US President Bush Jr. came to power. When he was running for the president, he criticized former President Clinton for being too weak on the CCP’s policy. In the Pentagon’s report that year, the CCP, along with Russia, was listed by the United States as one of the seven countries that must preemptively. As soon as Bush took office, he pushed forward the missile defense system and took other measures to restrict the CCP, because the U.S. ruling and opposition parties at the time had already sensed the danger of the CCP’s beast.

At the same time, in 1999, the CCP launched the suppression of Falun Gong. When Bush Jr. came to power in 2001, the U.S. government and opposition paid great attention to the persecution, condemning the CCP for trampling on human rights, opposing the suppression of Falun Gong, and putting pressure on Jiang Zemin’s authorities. The United States back then was also adjusting its strategic resources to the Asia-Pacific region. The main thing to deal with was this red beast that inherited the mantle of the former Soviet Union. Today’s confrontation between the United States and China is just that the United States has regained consciousness and continued its actions 20 years ago. However, the delay has passed for so long, and the CCP, the red beast, has become much fatter than before.

After the September 11th, the Chinese Communist Party authorities looked at the timing and immediately called the Bush administration, saying that they would actively support the United States in fighting terrorism. They also closed the borders with Afghanistan and Pakistan. According to a previous report in The Epoch Times, only one month after September 11, Bush Jr. will meet with the then CCP leader Jiang Zemin, and two months later, the CCP will be granted the status of “permanent normal trade relations”. Next 9 In 1991, the CCP, which had no pressure from the United States, wore the hat of helping the United States to “counter terrorism,” and got rid of the diplomatic dilemma that has been isolated by the world since June 4th. It also began to actively intervene in international affairs by relying on the North Korean issue, and it also entered the WTO. The convenience of organization has become the so-called “world factory”. In recent years, the CCP has tried to surpass the United States in terms of economic size, dreaming of becoming the world’s number one economy.

A group of leftist country thieves in the United States also struggled with their old faces and had sex with the CCP in the process.

Friends who have followed the 2020 US election may have a little impression of such a thing. It is Linwood, the barrister who supports Trump. In an exclusive telephone interview with Newsmax, the topic involved Soros, one of the American financial crocodile and one of the leftist leaders, and involved in the “intervention in the United States” with the CCP. As a result, the host mentioned related issues. After the question, before Linwood could answer, the phone dropped and couldn’t be answered again. Linwood said afterwards that the phone was suddenly disconnected. But what caused the disconnection of the phone is still a mystery.

And news continues to spread that Soros has an unusual relationship with the Jiang Zemin clique. During Jiang Zemin’s administration, Soros and the CCP’s respective businesses were booming. After the September 11 incident, the Jiang family took advantage of the CCP’s economic expansion and did not distribute most of the economic dividend to the people in the context of the overall shift in US policy to counter-terrorism and the rich leftists such as Soros in the West. The cake was the biggest. Except for the CCP officials at all levels, many of them were taken by the Jiang family.

It has long been revealed that the actual assets of the Jiang Zemin family exceed one trillion U.S. dollars. These funds are held or controlled by many overseas companies held by the Jiang family. Some technology companies or funds in the United States also have large investments by the Jiang family. Jiang Zemin’s grandson, Jiang Zhicheng, once had a girlfriend named Xia Yu. Just a girlfriend, he has held Jiang’s assets of nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars on behalf of Jiang Zhicheng.

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In August 2021, the new world’s richest list was released. Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com, returned to the top with US$185 billion, followed by SpaceX boss Elon Musk, with US$177 billion, and the third is luxury. Bernard Arnott, owner of the brand Louis Vuitton, $173 billion. The combined assets of the three are no match for Jiang Zemin’s family. It is no exaggeration to call Jiang Zemin the “world’s richest man”, but all this money is greedy, so it can also be called “the world’s most greedy.” It may be counted in ancient and modern times and ranked first.

Everyone knows that there was a Heshen in the Qing Dynasty, who was favored by Qianlong and was rich in the enemy’s country. How much money did he greedy? There is historical data that he was greedy of 800 million to 1.1 billion taels of silver. If calculated at 1.1 billion taels, it is equivalent to 880 billion yuan in 2021. In addition, his real estate is converted into U.S. dollars. It is the size of the richest man in the United States “Bezos”, which is close to 200 billion U.S. dollars. The Jiang family’s $1 trillion is dwarfed by Shen.

[Jiang’s “friend” Soros’s anti-Xi, non-communist and Xi purge campaign hurts to the left]

Recently, the American leftist Soros, who was suspected of having close contacts with the Jiang family, condemned Xi Jinping in a high-profile manner. This seems to be fine, because there are many voices condemning Xi Jinping, but the problem lies in two points. First, Soros tried his best to practice, but did not criticize the Communist Party; second, on the contrary, Soros publicly praised the Communist Party many times. He once praised the CCP for operating better than the United States, criticized the U.S. as a major obstacle to achieving a stable and just world, envied the CCP’s economy, etc., just like a Western Maoist.

Therefore, many overseas media have analyzed that Soros has been practicing in the past month, but he is not anti-Communist. It is probably because Xi Jinping is now purging the capital market, which has seriously affected the economic interests of the Jiang family, and Soros is also in this economic chain. He is a member of the international corrupt elements who wear a pair of trousers with the Jiang family. Xi Jinping’s current actions have also reached international forces related to the Jiang faction.

In 2014, Reuters reported that Jiang Zhicheng, then 28, had already made huge profits in private equity funds through all his Boyu capital in just a few years. His success was based on his family background. . And many of the major international media may also be controlled by the Jiang family’s capital, so world public opinion seems to seldom touch the Jiang family’s influence. Today, under Xi Jinping’s “Second Cultural Revolution” and “Common Prosperity” and other purge campaigns, dust has once again been raised and attracted attention.

As for the CCP, almost every time it changes its master, it will launch a campaign to consolidate its power. Today, Xi Jinping has launched wave after wave of movements in China for absolute dictatorship. The Jiang faction family, which has huge wealth and broad power, has gradually been unable to compete with Xi on the frontal battlefield even after Xi has been in power for many years. , But the abilities it possesses are enough to threaten Xi secretly, especially since the Jiang family divides China’s huge economic interests. This is also an important reason why Xi Jinping will definitely move the Jiang family in the process of centralizing power.

[More than 700 artists write off the company Jack Ma donates 100 billion yuan in exchange for the response of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in Ping An]

In last week’s program, we analyzed with you that in mainland China, capitalists and entertainment circles close to the Jiang family have all been punished by the current CCP authorities. Artists in the show business circle avoid fear. Free Asia reported that artists who have developed in mainland China have cancelled more than 700 artist brokerage companies so far this year. Analysts pointed out that this is in line with the CCP’s efforts to combat tax evasion by artists. It is inevitable to cut the leeks of the stars. But there are also lawyers who say that if the CCP wants to investigate, it is useless to cancel the company.

For private capitalists, the CCP is also publicly soliciting donations in the name of “common prosperity”. Although the CCP does not say anything or even denies it, some CCP policies require the following people to “know”. If you are If the subject of the cut leek cannot be understood correctly, just wait and fix it.

Take Ma Yun, for example, since October last year, it has almost disappeared from the public eye. On September 1, Ma Yun, who has barely appeared in public since this year, visited his so-called “digital vegetable shed” in Pinghu, Zhejiang in a low-key manner. His last appearance was on May 10 this year.

As a result, Jack Ma just showed up on the 1st, and on the 2nd, his Alibaba announced that it would donate 100 billion yuan by 2025 in response to the CCP’s “common prosperity”. It seems that Jack Ma is well acquainted with the current trend. If you want to lead a normal life and get the opportunity to appear in public, then donate to the party.

Then, the CCP’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection also responded: That’s right. But the CCP said otherwise. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said in a statement: Anti-monopoly can make common prosperity, and capital expansion needs a red line. Take Ma Yun and his company as the best example.

The important thing is that if the money is donated, can it be “common prosperity”? Of course it can. The key is how do you understand the four words “common prosperity”. The meaning of these four words is: Communists get rich together. Don’t get it wrong.

[Grabbing a huge amount of donation, “It’s ugly to eat” Zhejiang “One-day donation” Party media challenge Zhongnanhai]

Just after Alibaba wanted to donate 100 billion, Tencent previously announced that it would donate 50 billion and other huge donations. The Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission began to talk about the issue of “a few bites” that they need to “take a few bites” just like a dog sees meat. The Hebei Development and Reform Commission issued a notice stating that Tencent and Alibaba are helping to prosper together. Ah, we have a share. The Hebei Development and Reform Commission is liaising with these two companies and asking the Development and Reform Commissions in all parts of Hebei Province to follow what “Hebei needs and Alibaba. The principle of “being able”, actively planning a batch of projects, and obtaining financial support from Ali, is a terrible “eating picture” that can’t be restrained. The CCP officials and governments everywhere are like a group of hungry wolves, waiting for the capitalists, throwing meat out piece by piece. Those little people, if you can pick up some scum, even if you have the ability.

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Of course, in order to encourage capitalists to donate money, party officials must also do something. No, the governor of Zhejiang Province made a show on September 3, claiming to respond to three distributions and achieve common prosperity. The provincial party committee secretary Yuan Jiajun, the governor and other officials gathered together to donate. How much to donate is “a day’s income”. The name of the activity is “charity a day’s donation”, which means donating a day’s salary. Private enterprises are almost cutting off their flesh. Party officials who are fat, strong and addicted to greed only donate one day’s salary. Is it even true? Or after the donation, will the money return? All this has to be a question mark. With the Communist Party, everything is a play.

The CCP’s Foreign Propaganda Multi-dimensional Network, published on September 10, denying Li Guangman’s article “a profound change” and calling for Zhongnanhai to reflect on Li Guangman’s article collectively for the official media, believing it to be a “faint move” .

This article by Li Guangman proposes that the CCP is purging the capital market, purging Western culture, and returning to the socialist essence of party officials that can force capitalists to rob capitalists. All of this is happening now, but in a slightly different form. I understand. Let the capitalists “voluntarily” cut meat, even if it involves armed fighting, they are all done behind the scenes. It is not openly carried out. It is much more cunning and insidious than the public snatching, but the public eating is just as ugly.

Duowei.com’s article denying Li Guangman and requesting Zhongnanhai to reflect was deleted shortly after it was published. The banning of this article further shows that what Li Guangman said is the fact and it is in line with the meaning of the high-level CCP.

The perverse actions of the successive party leaders of the Chinese Communist Party also made themselves more and more standing on the opposite side of the Chinese people and the world.

[A “bomb” came out of the plane that arrived in Beijing on September 11, and the US media heatedly discussed Qin Gang’s crude remarks]

On September 11, the United States commemorated the 20th anniversary of September 11. But at Beijing International Airport, it experienced a plane bomb panic.

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific flight CX390 landed in Beijing on September 11 and received a “security threat” warning from the Beijing authorities, saying that it had received reports that a bomb was placed in the aircraft. Subsequently, the aircraft opened an evacuation slide and evacuated passengers in an emergency. And the crew.

In the panic, many people were injured by the steep and uneven slides. Except for the injured people waiting in the sun on the tarmac, dozens of other passengers ran away immediately after getting off the ground. Subsequently, a number of CCP armed personnel boarded the plane to investigate. The process lasted 6 hours.

However, the CCP authorities did not give details of the follow-up, but said that this was a “bomb intimidation fraud” case, which was followed up by the second team of the Airport Police District Criminal Investigation Team. As of the draft, no one has been arrested.

On September 11, 20 years ago, terrorists hijacked a plane and crashed into a building in the United States. Today, on the same day, a bomb threatening message appeared on a flight to Beijing. This is the same as the black swan that fell on Tiananmen Square in early September. It is a bad omen for the CCP.

The US-China relationship is still in a state of tension. The US publication “National Review” reported on September 10 that on August 31, Qin Gang, the new Chinese ambassador to the United States, told participants at a private Zoom meeting of the National Committee on US-China Relations (NCUSCR): If not To resolve our differences, please shut up. Please shut up.

This surprised the Americans at the meeting, who thought Qin Gang’s language was rude and rude. This is in line with our previous expectations. Qin Gang came to the United States to implement the more “wolf-like” diplomatic style of the Chinese Communist Party.


At this moment, under the aggressiveness of the CCP, the United States is considering changing the name of Taiwan’s “Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the United States” directly to “Taiwan Representative Office.” This is an action that Washington is planning in response to Taiwan’s request. If it does so, it will be extremely effective. More countries will follow up, and it will be an important step for Taiwan to gain its international reputation.

In the hearts of Americans and in actual operations, Taiwan’s political meaning is completely different from that of the CCP’s participation in international occasions. For example, the Goodfellow Air Force Base in the United States recently shared a photo of a U.S. Air Force instructor explaining the geography of China. It shows that on the map used, Taiwan is marked in a different color from that of mainland China, and the east coast of China is also marked, and Taiwan It was “drawn a circle” alone, and Shanghai was vaguely marked with special marks.

This seems to be telling the U.S. Air Force students that if the U.S. Air Force participates in the protection of Taiwan, the strategic depth may be involved, and marking Shanghai, is it because the U.S. military is planning to paralyze Shanghai, the economic lifeline of the CCP, in an extraordinary period?

At least, this picture broke the CCP’s glass heart. It was actually taken in July, and the map used was an old map published in Hebei, China in 1929. At that time, Taiwan was marked in different colors because Taiwan was still in the period of being occupied by Japan.

But why did the US military use this antique map in internal teaching, and why did it deliberately release it publicly? Presumably the fifty cents of the Chinese Communist Party are puzzled.

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