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Sweden, drones fly over nuclear power plants and Parliament: an investigation is open

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New military alarm in Sweden against the backdrop of growing tensions between the West and Russia also on the front of the Great North. Government, armed forces and secret police (Säpo) are analyzing an unprecedented case with great concern.

In recent days, several unidentified drones have flown over several times some of the nuclear power plants still vital for the country’s energy needs, and also buildings in the center of the capital Stockholm, starting with the Riksdag, the Parliament.

The drones have neither been identified, nor intercepted nor shot down and therefore any hypothesis about their origin and who piloted them remotely is considered open. Säpo has opened an investigation which is obviously taking place with the utmost confidentiality.

Finland challenges Putin: “Ready to evaluate NATO membership”

by our correspondent Anna Lombardi

Drone sightings

The latest mysterious drone flyby took place over the Forsmark nuclear power plant, after other drones flew over the civilian atomic reactors of Ringhals and Oskarshamn. According to the website of the popular daily newspaper and close to the ruling Social Democratic party, moreover, other drones were seen flying low over the Parliament and the nearby government buildings, in the Rosenbad building, in the heart of the capital. It’s not over. Still other drones have been seen flying over the military airports of Kiruna and Lulea, two of the most important bases of Flygvapnet, the small but modern royal aviation.

Sources from Säpo and the military have expressed strong fears that the drones have been hostile to gather important secret military information on alert activity and deployment of the armed forces. “In this case,” he said quoted by the Bbc a senior Säpo officer behind anonymity, it would be serious and unauthorized acts of collecting top secret military information “.

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Trains and bases, Putin’s race to conquer the Great North

by Rosalba Castelletti

Tensions with Russia in the Great North

Unofficial sources note that the incidents with the mysterious drones coincide with the strong tensions with Russia which prompted Stockholm to send huge reinforcements on the island of Gotland, in the center of the Baltic, a key to the control of the region and a natural shield for Sweden. .

Sweden, as is well known, is as neutral as Finland, but both countries, fearing attacks and military provocations from the Russian side, collaborate more and more closely on the military level and are taking into consideration more and more seriously the hypothesis of asking entry into NATO (which foretold them that they would have doors wide open) to better protect their safety.

Stockholm and Helsinki, although pacifist, have started at least since last year very important plans to strengthen and modernize their small armed forces, with unprecedented increases in their defense spending after the war.


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