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Sweden’s first female prime minister resigns hours after being elected | Budget Bill | Green Party

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[Epoch Times November 25, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Li Xin comprehensive report) Sweden’s first female Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (Magdalena Andersson) resigned on Wednesday (24th). The vote was approved in just over 7 hours. The Green Party’s withdrawal from the bipartisan coalition prompted her to make this decision.

Sweden’s official Twitter account announced Andersson’s dramatic move. A spokesperson for the Swedish government told CNN that Andersson had not fully assumed office before announcing her resignation because she had not yet met with the king to discuss state affairs.

Andersson is 54 years old and studied at the Swedish Business School and Harvard University in the United States. He has served as the Minister of Finance of Sweden in 2014 and became the new leader of the Swedish Social Democrat (Social Democrat) earlier this month.

But Andersson said that she has told the Swedish parliamentary that if a government governed by the Social Democratic Party can be established, then she hopes to be reappointed as prime minister.

“I have asked the Speaker to remove my duties as prime minister,” Andersson said at a press conference later. “I am ready to serve as prime minister in a single-party Social Democratic government.”

According to a Reuters report, given the support of other parties, the possibility of this happening seems quite high.

Parliament vetoed the budget bills of the Social Democrats and the Green Party on Wednesday, prompting the Green Party to withdraw from the bipartisan coalition, leaving Andersson with no choice but to resign.

The Speaker will now decide the next step in the process of finding a new government, but it is likely that a new vote will be held against Andersson in the next few days.

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According to Reuters, the Green Party stated that the party would support Andersson in any new confirmation vote in parliament, and the Centre Party’s pledge to abstain is equivalent to supporting Andersson’s candidacy. The Left Party also said it would support her.

Although these parties cannot agree on a budget, they have the same goal of not allowing the Swedish Democrats to play a role in the government, because the Swedish Democrats are right-wing parties and have an anti-immigration stance.

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