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Sydney Sweeney shares pup message

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Sydney Sweeney shares pup message

“Excuse me for having perfect tits.”

That’s what it said on the sweater of “Euphoria” star Sydney Sweeney (26) in a photo she shared with her followers. At the weekend, she published a photo carousel with several photos from a holiday in Mexico – and it is the picture with the sweater that makes many people roll their eyes.

According to Daily Mail can the quote on the sweater be connected to film producer Carol Baum, like slang with the lip in connection with Sweeney’s role in the film “Anyone But You”.

Among other things, Baum stated that it was impossible to watch the film, saying: “Explain this girl to me. She’s not pretty, she can’t play. Why is she so hot?”

Afterwards, a representative for the 26-year-old hit back at the producer.

Here she refuses: – The sickest thing

– How sad is it that a woman in such a position, who can share her expertise and experience, instead chooses to go after another woman?

– If that is what she has learned through her decades in the industry and feels it is appropriate to teach it to her students, then it is shameful. Unfairly disparaging a female co-producer says something about Baum’s character, the spokesperson continued.

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This is not the first time Sweeney has received criticism for her appearance and body.

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Earlier this year, she was a guest on the comedy program “Saturday Night Live”, and the feedback after the participation was apparently exclusively about the body and neckline of the outfit.

The “net” is boiling

In one of the sketches, the 26-year-old showed the “uniform” of the American pub chain Hooters, which is best known for its attractive female waiters. In the sketch, Sweeney was dressed in a Hooters costume and in one of the lines she is said to have said that if the acting strategy failed, plan B was to “just show the tits”.

Both she and the program got this hard along for.

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