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Synopsis for the film Songbird, When the COVID-23 Virus Pandemic Strikes the World

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Synopsis for the film Songbird, When the COVID-23 Virus Pandemic Strikes the World


Trans TV Cinema tonight Thursday, June 6 2024 will present the film Songbird. Get a sneak peek of the film Songbird, starring KJ Apa and Sofia Carson within the following presentation.

It is thought that this science fiction movie was produced by director Adam Mason and launched in 2020. With the film Songbird, viewers will likely be invited to see the story of a gaggle of people that should survive the pandemic of the COVID-23 virus that’s attacking the world the place they presently dwell.

So what’s the synopsis of Songbird which will likely be proven on Trans TV Cinema tonight? For those that do not wish to miss watching this film, right here it’s detikJateng summarize the knowledge. Check out Songbird film clips, numerous enjoyable info, and the Trans TV broadcast within the subsequent article!



Songbird Movie Trailer

Citing IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, Songbird’s synopsis facilities on a person named Nico (AJ Apa) whose day job is a courier. His life out of the blue modified after the COVID-23 pandemic hit the world. Both he and folks world wide needed to cope with the lockdown that lasted for some time.

It is claimed that it has been 4 years for the reason that door was closed in Los Angeles. This is to forestall the unfold of the COVID-23 virus. Even then, the virus had mutated and managed to realize a few 56% fatality charge. In this state solely sure folks can survive.

One of the individuals who managed to outlive throughout this epidemic is Nico. As a courier, Nico delivered many packages from closed checkpoints from one location to a different. Nico’s immune system would make individuals who know him jealous.

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So far, Nico’s life has been going nicely. It is thought that he additionally has a girlfriend who’s locked up like him. Their relationship continues to go nicely as a result of they’re linked by way of cell telephones. However, sadly dangerous information got here when his girlfriend Sara (Sofia Carson) was contaminated and needed to be eliminated by the native authorities.

Sara will likely be taken to Zone Q as a containment zone that collects folks contaminated with the COVID-23 virus. Although it has good intentions, Zone Q is definitely thought of a scary place for some folks. The purpose is that anybody who enters Zone Q won’t survive. Even Zone Q known as the quickest demise zone.

Knowing this, Nico didn’t stay silent. He tried to get Sara out of that horrible place. Armed along with his capacity as a messenger to memorize the situation simply, Nico tries to choose Sara up and take her out of Zone Q.

Will Nico achieve doing it? As a solution to discover out, do not forget to observe the film Songbird at Trans TV Cinema tonight.

Interesting info concerning the Songbird Movie

So why is the film Songbird price anticipating detikers? It seems that there are numerous attention-grabbing info concerning the film Songbird that might be a disgrace to overlook. I’m nonetheless quoting from the identical supply, one of many sights of the film Songbird is within the taking pictures course of that was performed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world.

The script of this movie was written in 2020 and the taking pictures course of was performed in the identical 12 months. Not solely that, it was written that the taking pictures course of was performed in a short while, ie solely two and a half weeks. This was as a result of at the moment, the restrictions throughout the violence had been nonetheless ongoing.

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List of Songbird Film Cast

Apart from figuring out numerous attention-grabbing info concerning the film Songbird, there is no such thing as a hurt in entrepreneurs figuring out extra concerning the forged of the film. Following is the forged record of the film Songbird:

  1. KJ Apa as Nico
  2. Sofia Carson as Sara
  3. Craig Robinson as Lester
  4. Bradley Whitford married William Griffin
  5. Peter Stormare as Emmett Harland
  6. Elpidia Carrillo as Grammy
  7. Alexandra Daddario in May
  8. Lia McHugh as Emma Griffin
  9. Paul Walter Hauser as Dozer
  10. Demi Moore as Piper Griffin
  11. Paul Sloan as Boomer
  12. Andrew Howard as Reg
  13. Carol Abney as Marie
  14. Michole Briana White as Alice
  15. Darri Ingolfsson as Steve
  16. Ian Duncan as Anthony

Songbird Film Show Schedule

Based on the knowledge proven on the official web page of Trans TV, the schedule of Trans TV Cinema for at this time, Thursday, June 6 2024, is the film Songbird. The movie will likely be proven at 21.00 WIB. For your info, film schedules and titles are topic to vary at any time with out prior discover.

As a information to the assorted packages that will likely be broadcast on Trans TV at this time, right here is the entire schedule:

  • Islam is Good: 05.00 WIB
  • Enter Morning: 06.30 WIB
  • CNN Indonesia Good Morning: 07.30 WIB
  • Early morning Ambyar: 08.30 WIB
  • Who Wants To Be A Champion: 10.00 WIB
  • Enter: 11.00 WIB
  • Brownis (Sweet Talk): 12.30 WIB
  • Rumpi (No Secret): 14.00 WIB
  • Enter Today: 15.00 WIB
  • CNN Indonesia information replace: 16.00 WIB
  • Dream Box Indonesia: 16.30 WIB
  • Makes You Hungry: 17.30 WIB
  • Enter Story: 18.30 WIB
  • The World Has News: 19.30 WIB
  • No Limit: 20.15 WIB
  • TransTV Cinema (Songbird) 21.00 WIB
  • TransTV Cinema (Everly): 23.00 WIB
  • CNN Online: 01.00 WIB
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This is details about Songbird film trailer and its broadcast schedule on Trans TV Cinema. Enjoy watching it tonight, Lur!

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