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Syria, Isis confirms the death of the leader and appoints his successor

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Syria, Isis confirms the death of the leader and appoints his successor

Another leader of the Islamic State killed, another “Caliph” leading the group. What seemed like an exception has become the rule ofIsis, which unlike in the past announces the death of a boss by immediately naming another, without creating further auras of mystery. After all, the true identity of the last three leaders, including the one indicated today, is still unknown, admits the latest UN report on global terrorism.

Syria, US raid kills an ISIS leader: “He was planning attacks in Europe” April 17, 2023

The Five “Caliphs”

And so to the late fourth Caliph, Abu Hussein al-Qurashithe fifth happens, Abu Hafs al-Qurashi. Before them the historic head and first leader of the Islamic State Abu Bakr al-Baghdadifollowed by Abu Ibrahim Hashimi al-Qurashi (both killed in US raids in northwestern Syria) e Abu al-Hasan al-Hashimi al-Qurashi, killed last November. The title “Qurashi” refers to the name of Muhammad’s tribe to which the successor (Arabic: khalifa”, caliph) of the same prophet of Islam must belong.

Doubts about death

The death of the ISIS leader was announced in late April by Turkish President Recep Tayyp Erdogan. The terrorist had been “neutralized as part of a Turkish intelligence operation” near Jindires, in northern Syria, where the man was hiding in an abandoned farm.

Ten years without Father Dall’Oglio, the Jesuit who fought for a pluralist Syria by Iacopo Scaramuzzi 29 July 2023

Today’s report by the jihadists is different: Abu al-Hussein was killed in direct clashes in northwestern Syria, near Idlib, with the militias of the jihadist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, a Qaedist branch in the country. Apparently, therefore, the group points the finger at the main rival actor on the front of international terrorism, al Qaeda, once reduced to a minimum in the face of the territorial conquests of Isis in Syria and Iraq and in the face of the tragic and deadly attacks of the group in Europe.

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The daughter enlisted in Isis, no citizenship for the father of Meriem Rehaily by Enrico Ferro 02 March 2023

But, compared to 2014, Isis can count on very small numbers of fighters, who, although formidable, are forced to organize themselves into cells of 10-15 elements to escape the constant hunt by intelligence from around the world. And although Isis can still boast large amounts of cash, up to 50 million dollars in Syria and Iraq, the repeated blows to the leadership are undermining the ability to raise cash with new resources and above all drive away recruits. Nevertheless, the organization remains a threat, experts warn, thanks to the widespread use of new technologies and cryptocurrencies and the ease with which Isis manages to make inroads in unstable countries such as those of sub-Saharan Africa or in Afghanistan itself, where it challenges open face the new Taliban power.

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