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Taisho Pharmaceutical direct OTC visceral fat/abdominal circumference reducing drug “ARAI” promotes “appropriate sales” ahead of nationwide launch on April 8th | News | Mix Online

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Taisho Pharmaceutical direct OTC visceral fat/abdominal circumference reducing drug “ARAI” promotes “appropriate sales” ahead of nationwide launch on April 8th

Publication date and time 2024/03/05 04:49 Taisho Pharmaceutical held a press conference on March 4th for Arai (generic name: orlistat), a drug for reducing visceral fat and waist circumference that has been approved as a direct OTC drug, to ensure proper sales. We have clearly stated our policy of striving to improve the system. This was announced ahead of the nationwide release on April 8th. Only pharmacists who have completed the “Alli e-learning training” supervised by the Japan Obesity Society can sell the drug, and it is reported that over 26,000 people have already completed the training. Distribution is carried out directly by Taisho Pharmaceutical, without going through wholesalers. It will only be shipped to pharmacies and drugstores that have received approval for proper sales. On the same day, the company also released an “Arai exclusive LINE app” that allows users of the drug to record their lifestyle habits and medication.

Arai, a visceral fat-reducing drug, has been approved as an over-the-counter drug (direct OTC) in Japan, which has never been used as a medical drug. Efficacy: “Reducing visceral fat and waist circumference in people with a thick abdomen (only if you are making lifestyle improvements)”. At a press conference held on the same day in Tokyo, Masaomi Shishido, head of the company’s marketing division, said, “The main feature of this product is that it reduces visceral fat, which is a risk factor for underlying diseases, in order to extend healthy life expectancy. “It’s extremely important from that point of view,” he said, appealing to the appeal of the product.

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The dosage for Arai is to take one 60mg capsule of orlistat three times a day. The price is 2,530 yen for 18 capsules (6 days’ supply) and 8,800 yen for 90 capsules (30 days’ supply). It is classified as a drug that requires guidance, and the main conditions for use are “waist circumference of 85 cm or more for men and 90 cm or more for women,” “no health problems,” and “taking lifestyle improvement efforts (diet/exercise). The drug meets the following criteria and requires a face-to-face explanation from a pharmacist at the time of purchase. If you have obesity that causes health problems or are severely obese with a BMI of 35 or more, we cannot sell the product and recommend that you consult a medical institution.

The active ingredient, orlistat, inhibits the action of lipase, a lipolytic enzyme, in the gastrointestinal lumen, suppressing the breakdown and absorption of fat and causing it to be excreted in stool. In a long-term administration study, a 21.52% reduction in visceral fat area and a 4.89% reduction in waist circumference was confirmed after 52 weeks of use. On the other hand, side effects during the trial were 60.8%, and gastrointestinal symptoms such as stool or oil leakage and flatus accompanied by stool were confirmed. Advance measures are required to deal with these symptoms unique to ARAI. The company also pointed out the need to educate people about things like “avoiding fatty foods” and “wearing fecal leakage pads or napkins in your underwear.”

◎Face-to-face sales by pharmacists Fill out a check sheet and request records of lifestyle improvement effortsRu

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For proper sales, since it is a “drug that requires guidance,” face-to-face sales by a pharmacist, filling out a check sheet, and recording efforts to improve lifestyle habits are required. In particular, regarding lifestyle records, “If there is no record of 1) dietary content, 2) exercise content, 3) waist circumference, and 4) body weight, the product cannot be sold if it is not recorded at least once a week.’ Another point is to check the records for the most recent month before purchasing.

Furthermore, we have prepared a dedicated LINE app for recording your lifestyle habits. With the Arai LINE app, you can easily record your daily life records at the time of purchase, as well as check product information such as its mechanism of action and unique phenomena. In addition to this, we have also prepared advice functions that are tailored to the physical condition of the user. It is also equipped with an inquiry function through automatic dialogue, which allows users to immediately resolve questions and concerns in their daily lives.

The company has announced a policy to identify cases of inappropriate use through post-marketing surveys, and to take corrective measures (required to report to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare).

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