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Taiwan denounces the incursion of 20 Chinese planes: never so many

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Taiwan records the largest incursion into its airspace by Chinese military aircraft since daily registrations are active. Twenty Chinese military aircraft – including ten J-16 fighters, two J-10 fighters and four H-6K bombers – have entered the southwestern part of the air defense identification zone, according to the Taipei National Defense Ministry. of the island. The Taiwanese Air Force has sent radio warnings and deployed its own missiles “to monitor the activity” of Chinese vehicles.

China, “Taiwan will be reunified”. The United States “don’t play with fire”

China claims sovereignty over Taiwan, which it deems destined for “peaceful reunification” with the People’s Republic and in recent months has increased military pressure on Taipei, which accuses Beijing of jeopardizing regional security.

China and the USA, evidence of dialogue: from Hong Kong to tariffs, all the knots of the Anchorage summit

by our correspondent Federico Rampini

The Taiwan issue is also one of the areas of challenge with the United States, which in the years of the administration led by Donald Trump has increased contacts with the island, irritating Beijing.

Taiwan-China, the “pineapple of freedom” war

Taiwan and the United States signed their first Biden-era agreement in the past few hours to establish a Coast Guard coordination group: a response to a Chinese law that went into effect in February that expands the powers of the Beijing Coast Guard. allowing it to open fire on foreign ships, in waters it considers to fall under its own sovereignty and disputes with other countries in the region, in the South and East China Sea.


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