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Talent Conference | Smart Medical! In a few seconds, find all possible cancer cells! | Cancer cells_Sina News

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Original title: Talent Conference | Smart Medical! In a few seconds, find all possible cancer cells!

Source: Chongqing release

  On the afternoon of the 20th, as one of the key thematic activities of the 2021 Chongqing Talents Conference, the 2021 Sichuan-Chongqing Science and Technology Academic Conference was held at Chongqing Yuelai International Conference Center.

Photo by Zou Le at the 2021 Sichuan-Chongqing Science and Technology Academic Conference

  At the conference, 20 Sichuan-Chongqing most influential academic activities in 2021 including the Digital Economy Hundreds Conference, 20 Sichuan-Chongqing first-class societies such as the Sichuan Geological Society, 20 Sichuan-Chongqing first-class scientific and technological journals including “High Power Laser and Particle Beam” and “Classic Hippocampus A New Somatosensory Cortical Spatial Navigation System” and other 184 excellent papers at the conference.

  At the conference, awards were given to the annual Sichuan-Chongqing most influential academic activities, Sichuan-Chongqing first-class society, Sichuan-Chongqing first-class scientific and technological journals, and first prizes and special prizes for outstanding papers.

  Chen JingBian Xiuwu,Qin PengOther experts and professorsThe theme report will be published on the spot.


“New Demands, New Opportunities, and Challenges for Deepening the Application of Big Data

  New thinking (contribution to the development of digital economy)”

  Chen Jing

  member of China Engineering Academy

  Very high frequency complex system of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

  Director of the Academic Committee of the National Defense Key Discipline Laboratory


  “Big data is everywhere. Big data is used all the time and not used all the time. Big data is growing very fast. The time required for global IP data traffic to reach 1 EB will take 1 year in 2001 and 1 year in 2013. Today, in 2016, it only takes half a day. The global new production data will increase by 40% annually, and the total amount of global information can double every two years.” Chen Jing said.

  Chen Jing believes that the arrival of the era of big data indicates that informatization has undergone a development stage from digitalization to networking to intelligentization. The changes it brings are unstoppable. Under the leadership of the government, all people should raise their data awareness and bravely respond to big data. Challenges of the times.

  “Big data poses a series of challenges to the existing information technology system, gestating new opportunities for system restructuring and subversive development. To cope with the basic strategic resource status of data, it is urgently necessary to focus on laws and regulations, standards, and application practices. Support technologies and other aspects are multi-pronged to explore and build a complete big data governance system.” Chen Jing said that in the future, with the expansion of application fields, the improvement of technology, the improvement of data sharing and open mechanisms, and the maturity of the industrial ecology, Predictive and guiding applications with greater potential value will be the focus of development.


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  “Pathology Big Data and Smart Diagnosis and Treatment”

  Bian Xiuwu

  Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

  The First Affiliated Hospital of Army Medical University (Southwest Hospital)

  Director of Pathology

  “Among the big data in society, medical big data is often not easy to be shared. It is generally not easy to see, but it must be applied.” Bian Xiuwu said that the research done by pathologists also generates big data. Such big data will involve future smart medical care.

  Bian Xiuwu introduced that in pathology, we have now realized artificial intelligence in cytology and simple histology. For example, cells removed from the cervix. In the past, a large number of hospitals had to look at a large number of pictures one by one. Artificial intelligence can find out all possible cancer cells in a few seconds, and some artificial combined with clinical analysis, the diagnosis rate is much higher than that of experienced pathologists.



  “Global Warming Threats to World Food Security and Countermeasures”

  Qin Peng

  Sichuan Agricultural University

  Rice Research InstituteUtilization of heterosisDirector of Research Team


  Qinpeng has been committed to the analysis of the mechanism of high-yield and high-quality rice under high temperature and the cultivation of new varieties. Chongqing’s unique high-temperature weather can be used to screen and verify whether the rice they have bred has the ability to withstand high temperatures. As early as three or four years ago, Qinpeng’s team had already started relevant cooperation with the Special Crop Research Institute of Chongqing Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He said that the two sides will strengthen cooperation in related research to breed new varieties of rice with high yield and high quality under high temperature conditions, so as to solve the problem of national provenance and food security.

  The Chongqing Association for Science and Technology, the heads of relevant departments of the Sichuan Association for Science and Technology, representatives of award-winning outstanding papers at the 2021 Sichuan-Chongqing Science and Technology Conference, representatives of municipal societies, representatives of science and technology journals, and representatives of science and technology workers attended the meeting.


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