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Taliban letter to the UN: we will give guarantees for safe access to aid

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The Taliban have ensured, through a letter to the UN, safe access to aid and freedom of movement for humanitarian workers operating in Afghanistan. This was stated by the United Nations Deputy Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs, Martin Griffiths, who last week went to Kabul. Griffiths, at the Geneva donors’ conference, read a letter from the Taliban government which is committed, among other things, to “remove all obstacles to aid, protect the lives of humanitarian workers” and not to enter the UN bases and other NGOs, asking for help from the international community for reconstruction and the fight against drug trafficking.

UN, to provide aid it is essential to speak with the Taliban

The United Nations itself has declared that it is “essential” to start a dialogue with the Taliban to guarantee aid to the country. “It is impossible to provide humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan without speaking to the country’s de facto authorities. I think it is very important to speak with the Taliban at this time, “said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, in the press conference after the ministerial meeting in Geneva which aims to raise over $ 600 million in aid for humanitarian organizations to be allocated. to the Afghan people. “I don’t think that if the authorities of a country behave badly, the solution is to collectively punish an entire people,” he added.


For Guterres, it is “very important to engage with the Taliban right now for all aspects of the international community, from terrorism to human rights, from drugs to the nature of government.” For the UN Secretary General, humanitarian aid can be a “gateway” to discuss other issues with the Taliban as well. “We don’t want to turn Afghanistan into a Sweden or a Switzerland. But we know that there are some fundamental rights that are essential and that are at the heart of our commitment, ”he said. Guterres then underlined the “serious lack of liquidity” in Afghanistan and called on the international community to find mechanisms “to avoid the collapse of the Afghan economy”. Over one hundred countries participated in the conference.

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