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Taylor Swift’s pornographic deepfakes worry the White House | Technology

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Taylor Swift’s pornographic deepfakes worry the White House |  Technology

Fake pornographic images of Taylor Swift, generated by artificial intelligence (AI), are worrying the White House and causing outrage among the singer’s fans pop.

These are fake explicit images, but convincing enough to have been viewed millions of times during the few hours they were available. These highly manipulated images (and videos) are called deepfakes (if we try to translate it into Portuguese, it will be something like “hyperfalsification”).

Fake pornography, images in which a software photo editing method is used to place a person’s face in a pornographic image, it is an old problem that has gained new momentum thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, which can be used to generate entirely new and highly convincing images, including through commands plain text.

The White House said it is “alarmed” by the fake images and that media companies media have an important role to play in enforcing their own rules to prevent the spread of this (and other) types of misinformation.

“This is alarming and we will do what we can to address this issue,” Biden administration spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said at a press conference, adding that Congress should take legislative action on this issue.

Those responsible for non-consensual nude images. Before reaching the old Twitter, the images were also published on Telegram.

The problem of deepfakes it has affected both celebrities — from Donald Trump to Tom Hanks and Drake — and anonymous people. But this technology is overwhelmingly used against women in sexually exploitative ways: a 2019 study by DeepTrace Labs, cited in a proposed US legislation, found that 96% of video content deepfake it was pornographic material produced without consent.

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The fact that such images this time affect Taylor Swift, second among the most listened to artists in the world on the Spotify platform, could, however, help raise awareness of the authorities to the problem, given the outrage of her millions of fans.

“The only ‘positive point’ of this happening to Taylor Swift is that she weighs enough for a law to be passed to eliminate this”, highlighted in X Danisha Carter, an influencer with several hundred thousand followers on social media.

OX is known for having less strict rules about nudity than Instagram or Facebook. Apple and Google have the right to control the content that circulates in applications through the rules they impose on their mobile operating systems, but they have tolerated this situation on X until now. Representatives of the American singer have not yet commented on this situation.

Some US states have their own legislation against deep fakes, but there are increasing calls for a change in federal law. “What happened to Taylor Swift is not new, women have been the target of fake images without her consent for years,” recalled Democratic congresswoman Yvette Clarke, who supported a law to combat the phenomenon. “With advances in AI, creating these images is easier and cheaper.”

Portuguese legislation does not yet directly address the issue of deepfakes. But, as PÚBLICO reported in November, the current legal framework can respond in these cases.

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