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Tea Tairović has no boyfriend Fun

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Tea Tairović has no boyfriend  Fun

Tea Tairović spoke about men and her criteria, but once again pointed out that she is currently single.

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Singer Tea Tairović, the popular “tip queen” whose new album everyone is buzzing about, has been saying for a long time that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and that she’s unlucky in love, while there are rumors in the public that she’s been in a relationship with a rich businessman for two years.

It is known that the singer rarely talks about her private life, and now, in a guest appearance on Radio S3, she revealed what kind of men she likes. Tea said that she has not had a man by her side for a long time. When asked by the presenter whether her criteria for choosing a partner decrease or increase over time, Tea answered:

“For God’s sake, it’s reducing. Since I’ve been alone for years, now it’s the way it is… whatever you give,” Tea joked and added:

“Just kidding, of course, they’re increasing.”

To the presenter’s statement that women always look for hair in the egg, Tairovićka said:

“Yes, but this is not normal for me what I do.”

The singer revealed what a man must have in order to win her over.

“Definitely style and attitude,” said the singer.

(WORLD/ Radio S3)

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