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Teenager Found Dead at Health Group: Authorities Investigate Mysterious Circumstances

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Teenager Found Dead at Health Group: Authorities Investigate Mysterious Circumstances

Teenager Found Dead at Pepino Health Group in San Sebastián
Authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a 13-year-old girl who was transported to the Pepino Health Group in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico. The victim, identified as Gabriela Leilany Cabán Cruz, arrived at the emergency room without vital signs early Friday morning.

According to a report from the Police Bureau, Cabán Cruz was taken to the hospital around 6:25 am by a 27-year-old man named Brian X. Pérez Hernández. He drove her to the hospital in a blue Kia Soul vehicle. Lieutentant Ariel Irizarry, director of the Aguadilla Homicide Division, stated that the doctor on duty confirmed her death upon arrival.

Preliminary data obtained by investigators reveals that Pérez Hernández had taken the minor to the hospital, but she had already passed away by that time. There were no visible signs of violence on her body. The cause of death will be determined by an autopsy. Lt. Irizarry mentioned that Pérez Hernández and Cabán Cruz had met three weeks prior to her death.

So far, there is no information to suggest that the minor had any pre-existing health conditions. Pérez Hernández was interviewed preliminarily and will be further interrogated as the investigation progresses, said Lt. Irizarry.

Cabán Cruz had previously escaped from a Family Department home in Quebradillas in November of last year. She was found three days later in Aguadilla and was subsequently relocated to her mother’s home. The Aguadilla Police Bureau confirmed this information.

As part of the investigation, officials visited Pérez Hernández’s residence in the Saltos neighborhood of San Sebastián. The aim was to search for evidence that could shed light on the incident and confirm or rule out any allegations made during the preliminary stage.

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It is currently unknown whether any illicit material was found in the vehicle or residence. There have been uncorroborated reports suggesting possible substance consumption. A toxicological examination will be conducted by the Institute of Forensic Sciences to determine the validity of these claims. At this point in the investigation, no motives are being ruled out.

Pérez Hernández has a criminal record for violating the Controlled Substances Law and assault. However, it is unclear how these charges were resolved in court. Lt. Nazario stated that the autopsy would be decisive in the investigation since there were no signs of violence. Interviews with the mother and other close family members are scheduled for later in the day.

Both the ongoing investigations and those carried out by the Department of the Family may provide further details that could lead to charges related to sexual assault or negligence against Cabán Cruz’s custodian. Ultimately, the determination of these charges will be made by the Aguadilla Prosecutor’s Office.

Agent Ángel Morales Acevedo, from the Aguadilla Homicide Division, is leading the case, and prosecutor Diana Méndez will oversee the removal of the body for autopsy purposes at the Institute of Forensic Sciences. The Division of Sexual Crimes and Child Abuse is also involved due to the victim’s age.

The interim secretary of the Family, Ciení Rodríguez Troche, confirmed the Family Department’s involvement in the investigation, running parallel to the criminal investigation. According to Troche, the preliminary information about the incident is limited, and the Family Department will support the authorities in their efforts to uncover the truth.

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Anyone with information regarding negligence or abuse against minors, the elderly, or adults with disabilities is urged to call the 24-hour Mexico City Abuse Line at (787) 749-1333.

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