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Tel Aviv, couple leaves the newborn without a ticket at the airport check-in

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Tel Aviv, couple leaves the newborn without a ticket at the airport check-in

A mother, father and their infant son arrive at the airport Tel Aviv to board a Ryanair flight to your destination Bruxelles but only the parents will get on that flight. The child will be left at check-in, just like a package, guilty of not having a ticket for the journey.

The incident was confirmed by the Israeli airport authorities at Ben Gurion airport: “A couple and a baby with a Belgian passport arrived at Terminal 1 without a ticket for the baby. They showed up late for check-in, when the counter was already closed. At that point they abandoned the stroller with the child and ran towards the boarding in an attempt not to miss the flight”. The police, as reported Cnnafter reuniting the minor with his family, he then closed the case without further investigation.

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Upon check-in on the flight, the ground staff found that the family’s tickets weren’t up to date: the one for the newborn was missing. The parents therefore left the little one at the airline’s check-in desk and continued for boarding.

The case, which dates back to 31 January, has been reported to the police, a Ryanair spokeswoman said Cnn: “These passengers – explained the airline – showed up for check-in without a reservation for their child. They then proceeded to security checks leaving the child. The check-in attendant at Ben Gurion airport contacted airport security, who traced the passengers back, leaving the matter to the police.”

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Under Ryanair rules, infants can be included in a flight booking during the online registration process. For infants there is a charge of 25 euros or the equivalent in local currency per way, if the child is seated on an adult’s lap during the journey. Otherwise, a seat also has to be paid for if the parents want their child to travel in a child seat.

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