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Teodora Džehverović in Cooperative 3 | Entertainment

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Teodora Džehverović in Cooperative 3 |  Entertainment

Teodora Džehverović is one of the most popular singers today – a few years ago she was the “main” in Zadruza 3

Izvor: Instagram/teodoradzehverovic/printscreen

Singer Teodora Džehverović is one of the most popular, but also the most current singers when it comes to her media appearances. She was in a relationship with Nino Čelebić, then set fire to Pionir and Arena in tight-fitting T-shirts where she was watching a basketball game, and then “denied” allegations that her boyfriend was an athlete with a video on TikTok.

The only thing that is mentioned when it comes to Teodora is her participation in Cooperative 3, during which she entered into a relationship with Anđelo Ranković. Her mother, who is still a part of this reality show, was not in favor of her daughter’s relationship with Ranković “because his people looked down on Teodora”.

Now the video of Mama Jehva yelling at Teodoro is up again, while Angelo’s voice is heard throwing something in the background, and he almost hits her on the head when he asks her to take off her glasses while talking to her.


Džehva yells at Teodora in the Cooperative
Source: YouTube/Kady Show

This is what Teodora looks like today:

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