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Teófilo Gutiérrez still cannot debut with Real Cartagena, the coach explained the reasons

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Teófilo Gutiérrez still cannot debut with Real Cartagena, the coach explained the reasons

Teófilo Gutiérrez is already working with the full group, but cannot yet debut due to a technical decision – credit Real Cartagena and Dimayor Official

Teófilo Gutiérrez will join Real Cartagena for the 2024 season, after his departure from Deportivo Cali at the end of 2023. His debut is anticipated to occur in March, after a period of physical readaptation recommended by the team’s coaching staff.

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After his departure from Deportivo Cali and Junior de Barranquilla’s decision not to include him in their squad, Gutiérrez has found a new home at Real Cartagena.

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Despite the expectation of his return to the field, his debut was postponed due to physical preparation needs. Alberto Suárez, technical director of Cartagena, mentioned that the player needs time to reach his best physical shape and avoid injuries, although he did not specify an exact date, suggesting that he could be ready for the confrontations against Boca Juniors de Cali or Unión Magdalena.

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Suárez highlighted the importance of an adequate adaptation period for Gutiérrez, emphasizing the need to prevent injuries and ensure his optimal performance.

The decision is based on a thorough analysis of your current condition, which includes being slightly overweight. This measure is presented as an essential step to safely reintegrate the athlete into professional competition.

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Real Cartagena has been one of the second division teams that has added the most reinforcements for the 2024 season – credit Real Cartagena

Gutiérrez’s entry into Real Cartagena joins recent talent acquisitions such as Christian Marrugo, Juan Camilo Angulo and Juan Moreno, strengthening the team’s roster in its quest to promote to the first division of Colombian football. After four dates in the BetPlay Tournament, the team is in fourth position with two wins, one draw and one loss.

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Teófilo Gutiérrez’s career has been marked by his notable skill and contributions to various teams, both nationally and internationally. His arrival at Real Cartagena is viewed with great expectation by fans and analysts, who trust that his experience and talent will contribute significantly to the team’s performance in the 2024 season.

2024 will be Teófilo Gutiérrez’s last year in professional football – credit Real Cartagena

Teófilo Gutiérrez demonstrates his social and professional commitment in Cartagena. The renowned soccer player, in an act of solidarity, donated one hundred thousand Colombian pesos to a group of young people from Cartagena who shared the stage with him in a musical improvisation.

This event occurred shortly after Gutiérrez finalized the details of his contract with Real Cartagena, thus marking a significant day both in his career and in his connection with the local community.

The forward arrived at Real Cartagena and was received as one of the great players of Colombian football – credit Social networks

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The arrival of Teófilo Gutiérrez, 38, in Cartagena has been a cause for celebration for both football fans and the people of the city. In the early hours of the day, the forward met with the management of Real Cartagena to make his incorporation to the team official.

His contract, which extends until December 2024, reflects the player’s desire to contribute to the club’s ambitious goal of promotion to the first division of Colombian professional football, a desire that Gutiérrez expressed with great enthusiasm.

Teófilo Gutiérrez’s career is in decline and here we will begin to analyze a little of the beginning of its end – credit Jesús Avilés Infobae

Despite his evident previous desire to conclude his career at Junior de Barranquilla, a team for which he has expressed deep affection and called his “faithful love,” disagreements with the management of the red and white team prevented this plan from materializing. This decision reaffirms Gutiérrez’s commitment not only to his profession but also to social causes, evidencing a willingness to integrate and contribute positively to the Cartagena community through gestures such as his donation to young musical talents in the region.

Teófilo Gutiérrez’s donation and his integration with young urban artists highlight not only his passion for football but also his sensitivity towards the cultural and social development of Cartagena. The good reception that his arrival has had from the community and followers is proof of the positive influence that an athlete can have off the playing fields.

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