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Terra Amara Turkish advances: Gaffur discovers that…

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Terra Amara Turkish advances: Gaffur discovers that…

The Turkish Advances of Terra Amara, the soap opera aired soon on Canale 5 at 14.10, reveal to us that Gaffur will catch Gulten in Cetin’s arms and will not take it well, but, later, he will discover something terrible about his sister…

The Turkish previews of Terra Amara will be full of news that will keep viewers glued to the screen: this time all eyes are on Gaffur. The former master builder will discover that Gulten is seeing Cetin and will oppose it, but then Saniye will reveal to him what happened to her sister and the man will retrace her steps! But let’s find out together what the previews of the episodes that will be aired soon at reveal in detail 14.10 on Channel 5.

Terra Amara Turkish advances: is Gulten getting married?

The storyline that sees the protagonists continues Gulten is Cetin. The two, new Turkish Romeo and Juliet, will have to face new trials, such as the aversion of her family. It will all start when Gafferworried about his sister she will decide to consent to her marriage to Rustem, a man who already has three children and has asked to marry her. When will this fact be discovered by Go aheadthe guy will not hesitate to fight for his woman: he will interrupt the engagement and will have a fight with his rival, who will be seriously injured.

Gaffur opposes the engagement of Gulten and Cetin, in the Turkish Advances

Cetin will be arrested and it will take him a month to prove his innocence. During this time, however, Gulten will understand that she loves him deeply and so once he gets out of prison he will stop rejecting it and she decides to go out with him. For the two it might seem that there is finally a happy ending, but, unfortunately, that is not the case. Although Hunkar and Saniye will help the young girl, Gaffur he won’t know anything, but he will catch the two lovers red-handed. The former master builder will throw a tantrum at his sister, forcing her to follow him and stating that she will never give her consent.

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Terra Amara Turkish advances: Gaffur cries for Gulten

Saniye will decide to help her sister-in-law: she will reveal the truth about what happened to her husband, who will burst into tears. At this point, Gaffer will realize the deep love that Go ahead has for Flowers e he will no longer oppose. Not only that: the servant of the wealth she will suffer terribly from not giving her sister the support she needed, as well as from the horror that happened to her.

Bitter landthe beloved Turkish soap opera, airs from November from Monday to Saturday at 14.10 on Channel 5.

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