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Tesla released FSD Beta 10.5, currently only open to company employees_System

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Original title: Tesla released FSD Beta 10.5, currently only open to company employees

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On November 22nd, on November 21st, local time, a Tesla employee who received an update confirmed thatTesla begins to release the beta version of FSD Beta 10.5 advanced driver assistance system,butCurrently only open to internal employees. As can be seen from the update instructions, FSD Beta 10.5 has greatly improved the functions of the previous system.

Earlier this month, Musk hinted that FSD Beta 10.5 will be released around November 20th. On November 19th, Musk said on his personal social media Twitter that he hopes that FSD Beta 10.5 will be ready soon.

A tweet earlier in the day said, “We have confirmed to a Tesla employee who received this update tonight that this is FSD Beta 10.5. Tesla is pushing the FSD Beta 10.5 system update to employees’ vehicles.” “They have stated that if the final inspection goes well, they are expected to announce the launch of new products on Sunday night.”

It didn’t take long for the Tesla community to report that the latest generation of advanced driver assistance systems will be released soon. The media tracking Tesla’s update service subsequently stated on Twitter that they have confirmed that FSD Beta 10.5 has indeed been released, but it is currently only open to employees.

In these reports, FSD Beta 10.5 related update instructions were also announced, accurately describing the system improvements in the update. It can be seen from the updated information that Tesla has once again improved the test version of FSD’s ability to deal with vulnerable road users (VRU), as well as its ability to detect traffic cones and traffic signs. More importantly, the FSD Beta 10.5 system can also automatically change lanes to stay away from other vehicles that are merging, without slowing down. Under the control of the FSD Beta 10.5 system, the “false deceleration” of the vehicle has also been reduced. In general, related improvements will make FSD Beta 10.5 behave more like human driving.

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The following is a partial update description of FSD Beta 10.5:

—— Improve the system’s automatic marking function to reduce the speed error of overtaking vulnerable road users (pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles) by 20%.

—— The use of new still life automatic marking and the addition of 165K automatic marking video will increase the recognition accuracy of static markings such as lane dividing lines, road edge lines and lane connecting lines by 13%.

——Improve the detection capabilities of traffic cones and traffic signs.

—— Increase the detection capability of vehicles in the queue by 5.5%, helping to reduce false decelerations.

—— Enable the “emergency evasion maneuver” function in the shadow mode.

—— It is allowed to change lanes under safe conditions to avoid merging vehicles.

—— The use of multi-modal target prediction at intersections improves the error rate of parallel target detection.

—— Raise the deceleration threshold in a short time and improve the lane changing function.

—— Improve the curve modeling function to make the vehicle maneuver more precise.

—— Avoid unnecessary detours or re-planning of routes.Return to Sohu to see more


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