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Texas, airliner crashes: all passengers safe

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A plane carrying 21 people crashed after taking off from Houston Executive Airport, Texas. It happened shortly after 10, local time. The first estimates speak of over twenty passengers on board, all safe. The count of the wounded ascertained at the moment is still at two, one with a back injury. According to CNN, the youngest passenger would be 10 years old. The videos released by the US broadcaster CBS show the plane’s carcass destroyed by the impact and engulfed in flames. With the rescuers they work to tame the stake.

It is a McDonnell Douglas MD-87, a twin-engine airliner capable of carrying between 109 and 130 passengers and also used by some companies operating on Italian routes. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the plane hit the airport fence before crashing and being engulfed in flames.

The vehicle caught fire in a field after passing the airport fence. A version also confirmed by the county judge Trey Duhon, who in a post on Facebook provided a first reconstruction: “The information we have at the moment indicates that the plane did not reach the altitude at the end of the runway and crashed to the north of the airport, where it caught fire. Initial reports indicate that all 19 passengers and three crew members are safe. The vehicle is on fire and consuming jet fuel ».

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