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Texas, high school shooting: several injured. It’s a manhunt

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There are allegedly at least three injured in the shooting that took place in a high school in Arlington, Texas, in the suburbs of Dallas, where a few hours ago the alarm was raised due to the presence of one or more armed men inside the structure. One of the suspects in the shooting allegedly fled, according to the site of the local newspaper DFW Scanner. The suspect, described as an African American wearing a gray sweatshirt, allegedly drove off in a car, a Dodge Charger. Police are scanning the entire Arlington school building for a possible second suspect. The school is still in lockdown, as the perpetrator has not yet been tracked down and may still be in action. At least two people were injured in “Timberview High School”, according to Arlington Mayor Jim Ross to local media.

According to reports from some American media, some students have already been transported to hospital for gunshot wounds. A few hours ago, the institute had already been placed in lockdown and all students and staff were told to take cover in the classrooms and offices, due to the risk that a gunman was prowling around the school. There are dozens of police officers on the spot.

In a video that is now circulating on Twitter, sent by a student to her mother, shots are distinctly heard and boys are seen seeking shelter under the desks.

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Texas, the shooting in the classroom and the escape of the terrified students

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