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The 2,000 dinar banknote is the most counterfeited in Serbia Info

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The 2,000 dinar banknote is the most counterfeited in Serbia  Info

In the first quarter of this year, 1,059 counterfeit banknotes were discovered, the National Bank of Serbia announced.

Source: MONDO/Stefan Stojanović

Most of the counterfeit banknotes were dinars. As announced by the National Bank of Serbia, 514 pieces of domestic currency were counterfeited, and the 2,000 dinar denomination note prevailed, which accounted for 65.3 percent of dinar counterfeits. As for foreign currencies, 321 counterfeit euros and 222 dollars were found.

When it comes to the value of counterfeit banknotes, which amounted to 10.6 million dinars, the share of euro banknotes prevails with a value of 7.3 million converted into dinars, in second place are American dollars in the amount of 2.3 million dinars, while the value of counterfeit of domestic banknotes was slightly higher than 890,000 dinars.

As a reminder, Miroslav Jeremić, director of the Anti-Counterfeiting Department at the National Bank of Serbia, told TV Prva earlier that 100-euro banknotes are the most frequently counterfeited as far as foreign currency is concerned. He showed which details on it we should pay attention to so that the forgery does not end up in our hands. “In the left corner, which is not colored, you have a watermark on which the motif is the same as the main motif, and it is much clearer and more legible than on counterfeits. On the original banknote, you can also see the protective thread. You should run your fingertips over the main motif and you will feel roughness. There is no such thing with a counterfeit banknote,” said Jeremić earlier.

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