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The 4 most beautiful zodiac signs in 2024, do dragons get unlucky in the year of the dragon?

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The 4 most beautiful zodiac signs in 2024, do dragons get unlucky in the year of the dragon?

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

If available shio lucky ones, of course there are also the unluckiest zodiac signs of the year wooden dragon. What Shio?

Feng Shui observer Mbah Bhust said that some zodiac signs had to receive ciong or bad luck this year, although many said that the year of the wooden dragon was a year full of blessings and prosperity.

“Ciong exists, it definitely exists. Even the zodiac sign that we think will have great luck is actually a big ciong, that’s the dragon zodiac,” said MbahBhust when talking with CNNIndonesia.com early last January.



That’s right, the dragon zodiac sign is one of the luckiest or unluckiest zodiac signs this year. The reason is because this year, the Dragon zodiac has to face Tai Sui. Therefore, it is not surprising that the dragon zodiac sign has to accept bad luck throughout the year.

“He is not in harmony with Tai Sui in this year. Tai Sui is also known as God of Age. If it is not in harmony, it will bring accidents, crashes, bad things. That’s why shio yang ciong must be related to Tai Sui,” said MbahBhust.

For more details, here are the unluckiest zodiac signs in the year of the wooden dragon, also known as the terciong zodiac throughout 2024:

1. Shio goat

Anyone born in 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 and 2015 are those who live under the zodiac sign of the goat. This zodiac sign can be called a ciong, even though it is not a very big ciong, you still have to be alert.

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Mbah Bhust said, there will be many tests coming up throughout 2024. There will be situations that make you feel heavy, tired, and difficult to control. However, you are a strong person and will definitely get through it.

To avoid this, increase your worship and guard your words. Even though the year of the wood dragon feels heavy, there is also a lot of good that can be gained by the goat zodiac sign.

2. Dragon zodiac

As explained at the beginning, in this year the dragon zodiac was actually included in the ciong category. The dragon zodiac sign will receive bad luck not only in everyday life, but also in matters related to the economy and even health.

The economic situation will be very chaotic and health can also be affected. The best way is to keep walking on track– not wasteful, not easily tempted by investment temptations.

“Nagaes must also watch their tongues, increase their worship and do good deeds. Especially never get involved in gambling,” he said.

3. Buffalo zodiac sign

Illustration. The zodiac sign of the buffalo is among those predicted to be the most successful in the year of the wooden dragon 2024. (iStockphoto/Ledelena)

Tai Sui has quite a bad impact on the Ox zodiac in this year of the Wood Dragon. Not only economic problems, the Ox zodiac is also faced with the potential for accidents if you are not careful.

“But ciong is not all year round. If people with the Ox sign can get through it well and remain surrendered to God, towards the end of the year they can actually wallow in prosperity,” he said.

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4. Dog zodiac sign

The dog zodiac sign is not actually a zodiac sign that receives ciong all year round. This Shio will experience ciong if it doesn’t live a balanced life.

For example, being wasteful and not taking care of your health. If you can’t manage your finances, then the potential for ciong in economic terms can occur.

“Avoid excessive spending and unnecessary things. It’s better to save,” he said.

That’s the list of the unluckiest zodiac signs for 2024. It turns out that dragons are also unlucky this year.


[Gambas:Video CNN]

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