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The 4th National Games Expo presents a feast of cultural tourism, canal culture lights up a better life_Suzhou Culture_Suzhou News

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The 4th National Games Expo presents a feast of cultural tourism, canal culture lights up a better life_Suzhou Culture_Suzhou News

Canal culture lights up a better life

The 4th National Games held a cultural and tourism feast with nearly 100,000 person-times, and the online audience exceeded 370 million person-times.

□Su Daily reporter Tao Guanqun Luo Wen Wang Minyue

The 4th Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Expo ended yesterday in Suzhou. The reporter learned from the results conference held by the Organizing Committee of the Games that this year’s Games will actively adapt to the new situation of normalized epidemic prevention and control, innovate the mode of holding the conference, interact online and offline, link on-site and off-site, and focus on Empowering technology and strengthening international elements, it planned and held 13 activities in 5 major sectors including the opening ceremony and themed performances, night tours of the ancient canal, exhibitions, theme forums, and interactive linkages. Among them, the six themed exhibitions attracted more than 4,000 people from more than 900 companies and 72 cities in China from more than 20 countries. According to incomplete statistics, a total of nearly 100,000 people visited the venues of the six themed exhibitions and related activities of the Games, and the online audience exceeded 370 million people to experience the cultural charm of the canal and share the beautiful life along the Grand Canal.

Expand the “circle of friends” and promote cultural and tourism exchanges and mutual learning

This year’s Games Expo sends a sincere invitation to friends at home and abroad to jointly plan the protection, inheritance and utilization of the Grand Canal, and continuously consolidate and expand the canal’s “circle of friends” for mutual integration.

The National Orchestra “Grand Canal” was performed at the opening ceremony of the Games. The music was used as the medium, and the local characteristic music of 8 provinces (cities) along the Grand Canal was used as the theme to create and arrange, incorporating Huangmei Opera, Hebei Bangzi, Shandong Folk Song, Zhejiang Wu Opera and Jiangsu Folk Song, etc. With traditional music elements, the “Past and Present” of the Millennium Canal is wonderfully performed by the Suzhou National Orchestra.

Among the six themed exhibitions, the Canal City Cultural and Tourism Boutique Exhibition has attracted a total of 36 cities and 226 cultural and tourism enterprises and institutions from 8 provinces (cities) along the Grand Canal, as well as Shanghai and Jiangsu Province. Compared with previous years, the number of exhibitors increased further, accounting for 65%.

The Canal Food Culture Exhibition invites more than 100 enterprises, units, and 20 intangible cultural heritage food masters to display and sell more than 800 kinds of products on site, showcasing the rich products and famous dishes of the Grand Canal Basin in an all-round way, fully reflecting the people along the canal. Attitudes and the cultural DNA of pluralism.

The “Meeting of the Silk Road and the Canal” international exhibition attracted 105 companies from 24 countries and regions including Central and Eastern Europe, South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Thailand to participate in the exhibition. Tens of thousands of featured products were displayed and sold on site, including coffee and red wine. Various experience activities such as Jianhe Muay Thai, African dance show, and felt hand-made production are very popular, effectively promoting the deepening of cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation between Canal City and the countries along the “Belt and Road”, and continuously enhancing the international influence of the Grand Canal cultural and tourism brand .

This “Silk Road and Canal Encounter” international exhibition also introduced the Sino-European oil painting art exchange exhibition into the Expo for the first time, bringing together 41 famous contemporary Chinese masterpieces and 44 paintings from Austria, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia and other European countries. Oil paintings, as well as the handwriting of famous artists such as Picasso and Ieoh Ming Pei, not only brought an artistic feast to the audience, but also built a platform for cultural and artistic exchanges between China and European countries.

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At the same time, 60 guests from embassies and consulates in China and cultural and tourism organizations were invited to participate in this year’s Games Expo and the “Water Rhythm Jiangsu” International Friends Canal Tour. They praised one after another, saying that “The Games is a great event” and “The Games is a small world that promotes cultural and tourism exchanges”.

Highlighting online exhibitions to enhance the influence of the Games

This year’s Games will actively comply with the new trend of organizing exhibitions under the normalized epidemic prevention and control, promote the digital construction of the exhibition, break the time and space constraints, and create a “never ending Games Expo”. Relying on online leading companies, the organizer has innovatively built a digital exhibition platform for the Games – “Online Games Expo”. Visitors can “tour” the Expo without leaving home to appreciate the charm of the Canal and taste the Canal culture.

The online sports expo has specially created a one-stop exchange and trading platform to provide more exhibitors and buyers with comprehensive, thoughtful, convenient and efficient exhibition tours and sales and transaction services. According to incomplete statistics, up to now, the Online Games Expo has provided more than 2,200 exhibitors and more than 500 buyers with online consultation, communication, reservations, transactions and other services. The cumulative number of page visits has exceeded 200 million, promoting online transportation The intended transaction volume of the expo reached 146 million yuan.

In order to adapt to the development trend of “cloud economy”, this year’s Games will focus on promoting online communication, promotion and consumer transactions. The online sports expo applet has a dedicated live channel, planning a total of 3 major live broadcast themes, 12 live broadcast sessions, a total of 30 hours of cultural tourism live broadcast feast, professional anchors lead the audience to visit six major exhibitions, hundreds of exhibitors share on-site, massive Commodities online “plant grass” to double the immersive experience of viewing the exhibition. According to incomplete statistics, the number of online viewings in the official live broadcast room of the Games exceeded one million, and the online sales exceeded 50 million yuan. It built a closed loop from content to consumption, and provided exhibitors and cities with a new display and interaction channel.

During this year’s Games, related topics were very popular on social media platforms. The total number of hits on Weibo topics such as the Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo exceeded 21 million. Keywords such as “sports expo”, “water rhyme Jiangsu” and “Jiangsu cultural tourism” have become high-frequency words in the whole network. The WeChat index of the two keywords “sports expo” and “water rhyme Jiangsu” both exceeded one million.

The “Canal Hometown Beauty” short video competition and creation sharing session is one of the important supporting activities of the Games. The organizer has extensively solicited short videos on themes from the society, and planned hundreds of short video bloggers to “endorsement” for the canal scenic spot, sharing the beauty of the canal with more people. At present, the topic of “Canal Hometown Beauty” has more than 100 million exposures on platforms such as Douyin, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, and Station B. A batch of excellent short video hits such as “Beautiful China, Jiangsu”, “The Twenty-Four Solar Terms in Taizhou” and “Yangzhou Slow” emerged. The activity-related short videos have 85.556 million views on the Douyin platform alone. On the afternoon of September 23, the creation and sharing meeting of the short video competition was held online, which further spread the canal culture.

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Focus on technology empowerment and highlight the digital development of the industry

This year’s Games will highlight the technology-enabled elements, using artificial intelligence, mixed reality, virtual imaging, interactive sensing and other digital technologies to create new scenes of cultural tourism, and showcase new formats, new products and new models of cultural tourism development.

In the Canal City Cultural and Tourism Boutique Exhibition Area, the organizer specially set up the “Holographic 5G Grand Canal” immersive experience pavilion, which adopts the pure three-dimensional modeling method, 5G signal + VR 720° panoramic view, and truly reproduces the customs along the Grand Canal.

In the exhibition area of ​​special tourism products of the canal, the barriers between imagination and reality were broken, and the “MR (Mixed Reality) interactive system” opened the virtual and real symbiosis metaverse, and the high-brightness projection equipment of 40,000 lumens performed 3D rendering on the spot, helping immersive cultural tourism night tour Product Innovation. There are also experience projects such as “24-hour City Study Room” and “Baidu Unmanned Vehicle”. Technology empowers the digital content ecology of cultural tourism and the field of intelligent connected vehicles, all of which reflect the infinite new world jointly developed by “cultural tourism + technology“.

In the canal intangible cultural heritage exhibition area, VR, AR and other technological means are used to create a “dazzling intangible cultural heritage” experience scene, which integrates traditional culture and digital technology, transforms the one-way communication of intangible cultural heritage into two-way human-computer interaction, and displays it vividly and interestingly. Disseminate the characteristic intangible cultural heritage projects of cities along the canal.

The Canal Digital Cultural Tourism Industry Exhibition, with the theme of “Digital Empowerment, Integration and Innovation”, takes the “Canal Garden Party” as the main line to create an exhibition space with a sense of immersion and experience, and build a “Garden Adventure” and “Garden Adventure”. There are dozens of experiential exhibition projects set up in the three major exhibition sections of “Street” and “Wonderful City in the Garden”. In this exhibition area, using the holographic display technology, the digital virtual human “Feng Ling” incarnates the recommendation officer of the Digital Cultural Tourism Industry Exhibition of the Sports Expo. Through the virtual reality stage, the audience can watch the virtual and real performances of Kunqu Opera “Six Stories of a Floating Life” and “The Peony Pavilion”. The “Jinling Picture” displayed by digital technology is a very popular item in the exhibition area. The audience can “walk into” the ancient painting from a first-person perspective by wearing a bracelet, and walk into the bustling Jinling market together with 533 “people in the painting”. , to experience all kinds of life in Jinling.

In the Canal Food Culture Exhibition Area, the exhibitors displayed the 24 solar terms seasonal ingredients and the famous dishes along the Grand Canal with vegetable models, introduced the evolution of my country’s food utensils with pictures and texts, and displayed various robots used for cooking, cleaning, catering, ice cream and coffee making.

This year’s Games has also attracted a group of leading companies in the cultural and tourism industry, such as Deji Art Museum, Dasqi, Casting Stone, Top, Auxiliary Intelligence, Magic Workshop, BOE Yiyun, Hangzhou Lingban, etc. New “little giants”, potential “unicorns” and “hidden champions” exhibitors, focusing on the achievements of digital development in the field of cultural tourism.

The “Water Rhyme Jiangsu” digital travel card was officially launched during the exhibition, realizing “one card in hand to travel in Jiangsu”. This new type of travel card product features “convenience and benefits, multi-code integration, online customization, and superposition of rights and interests” It not only opens up the entrance of cultural and tourism venues and improves the traffic efficiency, but also provides convenience for tourists by superimposing functions such as public transportation and fuel card discounts.

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Linking inside and outside the museum to help stimulate consumption potential

During this year’s Games, in addition to meticulously arranging the exhibition contents of each exhibition area, the organizer also organized 530 various exhibitions, 76 promotion sessions, and more than 900 interactive projects, which enriched the audience’s visiting experience.

The Canal City Cultural and Tourism Boutique Exhibition invited 31 units from 16 cities inside and outside the province to perform and promote the theme. Cultural and tourism departments in many places in the province, Xuzhou Han Music Orchestra, Wuxi Xi Theater, Hangzhou Shangtanghe Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. and other cultural and art troupes or tourism enterprises organized performances, and dedicated “My Motherland and Me” to the audience of the Games. 49 performances including “Han Lehua Zhang”, “Drunken Concubine”, “Jiangnan Kelian” and “Taihu Beauty”. There are various performances, including folk music ensembles, violin performances, guzheng performances and other instrumental music performances, as well as song and dance performances, as well as traditional drama performances such as Peking Opera and Tin Opera, fully demonstrating the local customs and urban characteristics.

As the cultural tourism recommendation officer of 13 districts and cities in Jiangsu, the “Thirteen Heroes” appeared on the site of the Games, interacted with tourists enthusiastically, and promoted the city’s brand and cultural tourism image. Ctrip’s travel app “Shuiyun Jiangsu Planet” has launched 500,000 cultural tourism coupons to provide tourists with preferential benefits. Tangqi Ancient Town Cultural Tourism Promotion, Tanzania Promotion Conference, Taizhou Cultural Tourism Promotion, Zhenjiang Cultural Tourism Promotion, Nanxun Ancient Town Scenic Area Promotion, Suzhou Paradise Scenic Area Promotion, Fuyou City Taicang Alps International Resort Promotion, Lianyungang Tourism Resources Promotion, Ningbo Culture 16 promotion activities including tourism promotion were carried out in turn, leading citizens and tourists to travel around the world.

The organizer also organized 225 buyers to sign more than 1,100 intentional agreements on projects such as attraction tickets, hotels, and performance procurement, with an intentional transaction volume of 40 million yuan, promoting cultural tourism expansion and consumption upgrades.

While the quality and efficiency of the exhibition content in the museum have been improved, this year’s Games Expo has also optimized and upgraded the linkage projects. The “Suzhou Night” will be set up under the canopy of Yuanrong Times Square in Suzhou Industrial Park, and themed performances and special markets will be launched. It will focus on displaying cultural and creative products, special delicacies, living intangible cultural heritage, etc. of Canal City, providing exhibitors with more opportunities and channels to display, trade, live broadcast, and attract traffic.

In addition, other districts and cities in Jiangsu Province planned and organized related supporting activities around the theme of the Grand Canal before and after the Fourth Games, and uniformly used the logo of the Games. For example, Nanjing held the 22nd Gaochun Gucheng Lake Crab Festival, Wuxi held the 2022 Taihu Yuantouzhu Mid-Autumn National Day Water Music Fireworks Festival, Xuzhou held the Han Culture Tourism Festival, etc., to further enrich the connotation and form of the Games.

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