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The 5Stelle evaluate the Draghi hypothesis for the Quirinale

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For the Quirinale the 5Stelle would also be considering the Draghi option. In the meeting that was held late yesterday evening between the leader of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, and the pentastellated leaders, according to beraking latest news, the option was considered, even if the majority address continues to be seen in the permanence of the premier at the Palazzo Chigi the most useful choice for the country. A line strongly supported above all by the group leaders and their deputies, in the Chamber as well as in the Senate. The fear that Draghi’s passage to the Quirinale could jeopardize the conclusion of the legislature, precipitating the country to the vote, is also under trace.
But a definitive decision on Draghi, in fact, is not yet there, because there are still too many unknowns for the Movement on the field: “The game is in the making”, a source present at the meeting explained to beraking latest news, “too soon to understand what will happen, even on Draghi. In fact, nothing can be excluded ». Dumbledore, it is told, is Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio.

The splits within the Movement are not lacking: «Draghi must complete what he has not yet completed, both in the fight against Covid and in the PNRR, in which the delays appear evident. Today he cannot abandon Italy in this situation, ”declared Senator Danilo Toninelli. “Proposing a Mattarella bis to Parliament, to the Italian people, means guaranteeing continuity in the fight against Covid and in the implementation of the NRP. Other hypotheses are guarantees of blockages, wasted time or, even worse, chaos. “It is unthinkable, in a normal country, to see a prime minister, who has become President of the Republic, ring the bell and then pass it on to the premier he himself nominated. This cannot represent the best choice from the point of view of the country’s institutional structure ”.

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