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The 68th Macau Grand Prix is ​​underway, more than a dozen cars have serial crashes jqknews

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On November 21, it was reported that the 68th Macau Grand Prix was in progress. However, a serious crash occurred in the Macau Touring Car Cup held at 9:45, and more than a dozen cars had serial crashes.

Afterwards, the race organizing committee stated that all the drivers involved in the accident had no major problems. Among them, No. 11 driver Dias, No. 7 driver Lu Wenhui, and No. 32 driver Lin Li will be sent to the hospital for further examination.

According to reports, the car had an accident when it exited the north corner of the reservoir. First, the No. 96 car driven by Macau driver Zheng Jiansheng lost control and crashed into the barrier. If a vehicle overturned after impact, the assembly showed a red flag.

Although the race was forced to be suspended, according to the results, the No. 11 Macau driver Dias won the championship despite the crash. No. 5 driver Li Zhentu and No. 7 driver Lu Wenhui won the runner-up and third runner-up.

It is reported that the track of the Macau Grand Prix is ​​the Guia Circuit. This legendary track known as “Oriental Monaco” is one of the most challenging street tracks in the world. It has a total length of 6.8 kilometers and has many bends along the way. There are uphill and downhill roads. The widest road is 14 meters and the narrowest is only 7 meters.

At present, only Macau and Monaco have street racing races in the world, and the Guia Track is also the only street racing venue in the world where touring car races and motorcycle races are held at the same time.

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However, because the street circuit is narrow, the car is highly admirable, but for the driver, the risk is exponentially increased. A mistake is not a crash on the gravel pavement of other tracks, in the Guia Circuit. It is directly on the wall, and even life-threatening.

In the 64th Macau Grand Prix in 2017, a serious accident occurred in the final of the motorcycle race, and the British driver Daniel Hegardi died unfortunately.


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