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The 6th edition of the ARQ+Decor Circuit Yearbook – MONDO MODA

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The 6th edition of the ARQ+Decor Circuit Yearbook – MONDO MODA

O ARQ+Decor Circuit Yearbook 2023/2024 arrives to present trends in the Architecture, interior design, decoration, landscaping and civil construction segments. Among the themes of the edition, expectations about the potential of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the risks generated by climate catastrophes.

Yearbook 2023 @ disclosure

The publication presents the work of 21 professionals with offices based in the Campinas region and in the capital of São Paulo: André Zimmerman – interior designer – Campinas | Andressa Paquer and Vanessa de Paula – interior designer and architect – Campinas | Caio Pelisson – architect – Campinas and Limeira | Carla Dadazio – architect – Valinhos | Edninha Figueiredo – architect – Campinas | Elisabete Camargo – interior designer – Indaiatuba | Iara Kilaris and Aquiles – interior designer and architect – Americana | Jóia Bergamo – architect – São Paulo | Julia Paraluppi – architect – Campinas | Lara Bauer and Gabriela Gonzales – interior designer and architect – Campinas | Liliany Nunes – architect – Campinas | Lis Vendito – interior designer – Campinas | Luana Lima – interior designer – Campinas | Márcio Rodrigues – interior designer – Campinas | Micaela Favaro – interior designer – Campinas and Barueri | Priscila Pereira – architect – São Paulo | Rita Diniz and Patricia Diniz – interior designer and architect – Campinas | Roseana Monteiro – architect – Campinas | Solange Rubim – interior designer – Campinas | Tales Miranda and Lucas Mareti – architects – Americana | Vinícius and Laura – architects – São Paulo,

The cover of the 6th edition of the publication was entrusted to visual artist Duda Clementino, who used Artificial Intelligence suggestions to create a design that reflected contemporary challenges.
The edition is filled with interviews with landscaper Benedito Abbud about the importance of landscape projects, with artist Fernanda Carvalho who uses Artificial Intelligence to produce her works and, also, with lawyer Érica Santaterra, about the ethical challenges of Artificial Intelligence within the scope of Law in Architecture.

“The Yearbook illustrates the talent of renowned professionals, informs about the latest products and services in this segment and brings critical thinking from the sector on very current issues”, explains Carmen Saucedo.

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Carmen Saucedo @ publicity

The publisher has been dedicated to updating this market for 15 years through publications on the Circuito ARQ+Decor portal, always in tune with the most significant brands and names on the Brazilian and international regional scene, and for six years with the printing of the Yearbook.

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