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the adoption of 6 GHz Fixed Wireless technologies continues

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the adoption of 6 GHz Fixed Wireless technologies continues

Cambium Networks’ 6 GHz Fixed Wireless and Enterprise Wi-Fi enable service providers in Canada to expand outdoor Gigabit connectivity. The ePMP 4600 is the first outdoor 6 GHz fixed wireless solution to receive ISEDC certification.

Last month Cambium Networks announced that service providers, enterprise and industrial network operators in Canada will soon be able to deploy speeds greater than 1 Gbps with the ePMP 4600 6 GHz outdoor fixed wireless and 6 GHz-ready Wi-Fi solutions.

L’Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISEDC) has issued approvals for both the Automatic Frequency Coordination (AFC) and ePMP 4600 radios. Cambium Networks has also completed integration testing between the Final Approved AFC software and the Final Approved ePMP software.

The ePMP 4600 is the first outdoor fixed wireless solution to achieve ISEDC certification. “Wireless ISPs in Canada are able to deliver gigabit speeds to commercial and residential customers using 6 GHz”he has declared Martin Keding, president of Rat River Technologies, a Winnipeg-based integrator offering broadband design, training and support services. “First Nations communities will add this service to their networks this month.”

Ready for 6GHz FCC certification

“The new spectrum is new for broadband service providers and network operators, but the success goes far beyond offering high speeds in the new spectrum,” he has declared Morgan Kurk, president and CEO of Cambium Networks. “Service providers can differentiate themselves by using LIDAR-based planning tools, centralized cloud management with AI-enabled monitoring, and Quality of Experience (QoE) optimization to deliver exceptional business and residential connectivity.”

ePMP 4600 6 GHz fixed wireless broadband technology

The ePMP 4600 is the fourth generation of Cambium’s ePMP platform and supports the entire 6 GHz spectrum (UNII-5 and UNII-7). Millions of Cambium Networks ePMP radios have been deployed globally leveraging this proven, scalable technology for over 10 years.

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The ePMP platform offers scalability up to 120 subscribers per sector, interference tolerance with MU-MIMO, and beam-steering with capacities up to 4 Gbps per sector. With the ePMP 4600, operators can provide affordable services in both low-density rural and high-density suburban areas, with a low TCO and aligned with market economies.

The differentiating elements of the ePMP 4600 platform:

The ePMP 4600 is the fourth generation of Cambium’s ePMP platform and supports the entire 6 GHz spectrum (UNII-5 and UNII-7)

– Scalability and interference mitigation thanks to the unique air interface.
– Over-the-air efficiency with the 802.11ax standard and overlay of ePMP features such as TDD synchronization, SmartQoS and frame optimization.
– Noise isolation with orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA), MU-MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) in both uplink and downlink and TDD synchronization.

Tecnologia fixed wireless broadband PMP 450v 6 GHz

Service providers with existing PMP 450 networks can increase capacity and service levels with the new PMP 450v to take advantage of the increased capacity of the 6 GHz spectrum. This can simultaneously accommodate increased demand from businesses and homes without having to upgrade equipment at subscribers. This is a win-win solution for both service providers and their customers.

“L’access point PMP 450v è compatibile con i moduli subscriber PMP 450”, he has declared Matt MangriotisSenior Director Product Management di Cambium Networks. “A single access point upgrade expands the network to 6GHz frequencies without any changes to the existing 5GHz network.”

XE3-4TN Wi-Fi 6/6E outdoor

The XE3-4TN is a high-performance outdoor tri-radio access point designed for the most demanding outdoor Wi-Fi use cases, such as Wi-Fi hot spots, outdoor events, or campus roaming. Support for the 6 GHz band is via a software-defined radio that operates at 5 or 6 GHz, providing the flexibility to enable operation in the 6 GHz band at an appropriate time based on band certification and customer availability.

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The AFC will be used to prioritize service and protect existing licensed microwave links using the 6 GHz spectrum. Cambium Networks equipment can operate across the entire 6 GHz spectrum permitted by the AFC system. Cambium Networks’ ePMP 4600 and PMP 450v solutions comply with frequency coordination processes and the XE3-4TN is in the process of being certified for compliance.

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