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The appeal of the Russian ambassador against La Stampa was rejected, wrath of Moscow

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The appeal of the Russian ambassador against La Stampa was rejected, wrath of Moscow

Russia has not received an official response to the complaint filed last March 25 in piazzale Clodio by the Russian ambassador, Sergei Razov, after an article in the Press, a complaint that was then transmitted by the Rome prosecutor’s office to that of Turin, for territorial jurisdiction . This was underlined by the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, on her own Telegram channel, referring to the article in the Press of 9 June in which news of the filing of Razov’s complaint was announced. “The Russian ambassador referred to article 414 of the penal code, incitement to commit a crime,” said Zakharova, according to whom the “miracles of democracy never tire of surprising us”. “The other day in the same newspaper (La Stampa, ed) there was the news that the ambassador’s complaint had been rejected by the judge for the preliminary investigations of Turin”, but – the spokeswoman specified – the Russian authorities are not no “official communication” arrived.

Accusations of “russophobia” in “La Stampa”, Razov’s complaint archived: “He misrepresented Quirico’s piece”


“The article in question in the light of the constitutional principle of necessary offensiveness, does not disturb public safety nor is it concretely capable of provoking the commission of crimes”, argued for its part the prosecutor, according to which “if you read carefully” the article in question “there is no material conduct integrating the offenses”. “Beautiful, is not it? The head of the “Press” based on these conclusions proudly declared that his newspaper has its own beliefs for which it fights, convictions of “a liberal democracy.” But there is not the slightest doubt about this. Liberal totalitarianism. it is evident “, replied the spokesperson, underlining that” it is not the first time “that” liberal democracy in the modern Western sense does not exclude but, on the contrary, also encourages the discussion on the pages of large-circulation newspapers on the possibility and convenience of the physical elimination of the head of a foreign state “.

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In Turin there is a judge in Moscow no

Massimo Giannini

“Now that there is the sentence (surprisingly fast, contrary to expectations), the conclusion is clear: in modern Italy, not only moral, but also legal restrictions on the distribution of such provocative materials have been removed,” continued Zakharova. highlighting how the Italian penal code provides from one to five years of imprisonment for insulting the honor and dignity of the President of the Republic. “In my humble opinion, no one can be insulted. Whether it is the Italian president, an Italian citizen or a resident or citizen of another country. What does liberalism think? I suggest it to you – she concluded – Current liberalism glorifies freedom as impunity for abominations that are committed ».

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