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The baby pulled out of Morača is in a stable condition Info

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The baby pulled out of Morača is in a stable condition  Info

“Zelenila” workers saved a baby from drowning in the cold Morača river.

Source: MONDO/Gordana Bojanić

The baby who was rescued today from Morača is in a stable state of health, but the risk of complications always exists, because it is a child who is not even two months old, the doctor on duty from the Department of Intensive Care of the Institute for Children’s Diseases told Portal RTCG. Today around 11:20 am the police pulled the body of a woman from Morača who was previously seen with a baby under the bridge Blaž Jovanović in Podgorica.

The baby was in the cold river until she was rescued by the workers of the City Enterprise “Zelenilo”. Aldin Ibrahimović, Špejtim Demaj and Almir Mujak. It was “revived” by the Swedish MP Adnan Dibrani, who is part of the observation mission of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which followed the election day in Montenegro. The doctor told RTCG that the child currently has “an orderly breathing pattern, without injuries to the thoracic and abdominal organs”. The child is at risk of aspiration complications and infection. He is being monitored in the intensive care unit and every prognosis is serious, if we consider that the child is two months old.”said the doctor.

He stated that despite the series of unfortunate circumstances that befell the baby today, there were also good moments. One is that the workers of the company “Zelenilo” soon spotted the child and pulled out a bucket of water, and the other is that there was no rain in the previous days. so the river did not swell. The child was taken to the Emergency Center shortly after he was taken out of the water, and the body of his grandmother was pulled out a little later. “Zelenil” expressed their respect and gratitude to the employees for the heroic act they did by saving the baby’s life from the river.

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