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The battle of life and death in the final round of the group stage is about to start – yqqlm

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Original title: The final round of the group stage is about to start the life-and-death battle

■ Cheng Zan, trainee reporter of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone News

The World Cup ushered in the third round of the group stage tonight. Most teams still have to fight for the precious qualifying places. Win or go home. The script of the battle of life and death is only waiting for them to interpret.

The qualifying situation of Group A is gradually becoming clear. The host Qatar has lost two games in a row and is declared out in advance. The Netherlands has basically locked the qualifying seat in advance, and the other qualifying spot is between Ecuador and Senegal. Ecuador has 4 points from one win and one draw before, and they can advance as long as they draw in this game, while Senegal has 3 points from one win and one loss, and they must win to reverse and qualify. In tonight’s contest, it is very likely that Senegal, which is in trouble, will take the initiative to seek a breakthrough, while Ecuador, which is more conservative in tactics, needs to stick to the city and strive to be undefeated.

The four teams in Group B still have the possibility of qualifying. The “Three Lions” England Derby against Wales is a highlight. The match between Iran and the United States is the highlight of this group. It may be stimulated by the wonderful performances of Asian teams such as Saudi Arabia and Japan. After a disastrous defeat in the first round, Iran bottomed out and rebounded. It overturned Wales in the second round and seized the initiative to qualify. . Facing the United States this round, the Iranians should continue to play proactively and oppressively. Return to Sohu to see more

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