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The Biden government and Pfizer agree to pre-order tens of millions of courses of oral medicine | Pills | COVID-19 | Chinese Communist virus

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[EpochTimesNovember192021](The Epoch Times reporter Zachary Stieber report/Gao Shan compilation) The Biden government has reached an agreement with Pfizer to ensure that Pfizer will produce 10 million courses of COVID-19 (Chinese Communist virus). )pill. The US government paid $5.3 billion for this drug. This is equivalent to the price of a course of pills of approximately US$529.

Pfizer stated that it was able to derive this price due to “a large number of purchases before 2022.” Pfizer has reached similar agreements with several other countries.

Whether this agreement can be implemented will also depend on whether the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will approve an emergency use authorization for the drug called Paxlovid. Currently, this drug has not been approved in any country in the world.

On Tuesday (November 16), Pfizer applied to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a license to use, and pointed out that an ongoing interim analysis showed that the drug can reduce the hospitalization or treatment of people infected with COVID-19 (Chinese Communist virus). Risk of death.

US Secretary of Health Xavier Becerra said in a statement: “This promising treatment can provide patients with COVID-19 (the Chinese Communist virus) with another life-saving tool to help us. Speed ​​up to get out of this epidemic.”

He also added: “Vaccination is still the most important action anyone can take to protect themselves and others and end this epidemic. But for those who do get sick in the future and are at risk of serious consequences, Taking drugs that can save them from hospitalization may be a life-saving method.”

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Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, said in a statement: “Seeing more and more people realize that oral drug therapy may play a role in the fight against COVID-19. This is very encouraging. We look forward to continuing discussions with governments around the world on this to help ensure that people all over the world have access to a wide range of treatments.”

Paxlovid is a drug called Protease Inhibitors. It works by blocking an enzyme that the Sars-cov-2 virus needs to replicate in the human body.

It is expected that Paxlovid can be used with Ritonavir. Ritonavir is a different type of drug that can help the treatment in the body last longer.

The Biden administration previously expanded its agreement with Merck, another COVID-19 (Chinese Communist virus) drug manufacturer. The government has pledged to invest US$2.2 billion in the purchase of 3.1 million courses of medicine. This means that the cost of each course of treatment is approximately US$709, which is 25% higher than the price of Pfizer tablets.

The transaction with Merck also depends on the approval of the US drug regulatory agency.

Merck has also filed an application for emergency use authorization, but the FDA has postponed the decision date and has to wait until the advisory group meeting on November 30 to resolve this issue. Earlier this month, the British regulatory agency approved the use of the drug.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration declined to comment on when it will approve or reject Pfizer’s COVID pills.

The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority under the Department of Health and Human Services helped finalize the agreement. The head of the agency, Dr. Gary Disbrow, told members of Congress this week that they have invested more than $49 billion in products to fight COVID-19, such as therapeutic drugs.

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