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The CCP bans fruit from Taiwan Wu Zhaoxie: Does it still want to enter the CPTPP? | Custard apple | lotus mist | pineapple

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[Epoch Times September 20, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zhong Yuan reported in Taipei) In response to the CCP’s ban on the import of Taiwanese pineapples, it also announced the suspension of the import of Taiwanese sweet apples (custard apples) and lotus mist on the same grounds as harmful insects. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China Wu Zhaoxie pointed out that the CCP wants to join the high-standard “Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership” (CPTPP). “Is this a joke?”

On February 26, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Communist Party of China announced that it would suspend the entry of Taiwan pineapples due to multiple detections of scale insects. In response, Chen Jizhong, chairman of the Council of Agriculture of the Republic of China, stated that all products exported from Taiwan conform to international standards and called on the CCP not to hinder normal trade.

The General Administration of Customs of the Communist Party of China issued a notice on September 19, stating that the quarantine pest scale insect “Planococcus minor” (Planococcus minor) has been detected from the sweet apple (custard apple) and lotus mist exported from Taiwan many times this year. , It was decided to suspend the import of Taiwanese custard apples and lotus mists from mainland China on the 20th. Chen Jizhong condemned the CCP for taking unilateral action without providing scientific evidence.

Wu Zhaoxie posted on the Twitter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that after a series of military threats, the CCP used trade as a weapon and announced an immediate ban on the import of Taiwanese custard apples and lotus mist.

Wu Zhaoxie pointed out that this hostile behavior violated international trade norms. He criticized that the CCP still wants to join the high-standard CPTPP, “Is this a joke?”.

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The MAC said that the CCP’s approach is completely inconsistent with the World Trade Organization (WTO) and related international trade regulations, and it has also undermined the normal cross-strait trade mechanism.

The MAC pointed out that the relevant countries have expressed disagreement with the CPT’s recent application to join the CPTPP. The other side’s trade practices against Taiwan at this time are not in compliance with international norms and even irrational, which more reflects the CCP’s various foreign trade measures standards and high threshold areas. Economic agreement, how far apart.

Japan’s Asahi Shimbun reported that the CCP has suspended imports of Taiwanese pineapples because of the detection of pests. However, in Taiwan, it is generally believed that this is a political pressure by the CCP government on the Tsai Ing-wen’s government, which is keeping a distance from the CCP.

President Tsai Ing-wen said on Facebook on the 19th, “This practice of China (the Communist Party) has violated international trade norms. In addition to solemn condemnation, we will support all measures taken by the Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan to protect agriculture and support farmers. “

Tsai Ing-wen said: “At this moment, I also want to call on the ruling and opposition parties. We must work together to minimize the market impact caused by the CCP’s deliberate political interference. We will also use various channels to help farmers get justice. .”

Executive President Su Zhenchang posted on Facebook that the CCP unilaterally banned the import of pineapples from Taiwan in March. However, because the government has responded to its needs, the average price of pineapples produced in the main production period this year is still higher than last year and the year before, and is actively expanding markets in other countries. So far this year, the volume of pineapples sold to markets outside of China has been six times that of the same period last year, of which exports to Japan increased by 742%.

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Su Zhenchang said that in response to the CCP’s unilateral ban on the import of Taiwanese custard apple and lotus mist, the government will also take measures to protect farmers’ livelihoods, expand new markets, and open up new outlets for the fruits that farmers have worked so hard to plant. In the face of the CCP’s lack of scientific evidence and violations of the principle of non-discrimination, the CCP is required to respond to the Bureau of Defense and Procuratorate by the end of September, otherwise it will file a dispute settlement complaint in the WTO based on the Australian case.

The Council of Agriculture asks the CCP to start a dialogue before the end of September does not rule out the first mention of WTO dispute settlement in October

The Council of Agriculture pointed out that since the Lu side’s ban on pineapples on February 25, it has requested the Lu side to conduct technical consultations for 8 degrees, but no response has been received. Fang is very sorry.

The Council of Agriculture emphasized to Lu that the Pacific gluteal mealybug (Planococcus minor) also occurs in mainland China, and according to international regulations, this species can be fumigated to eliminate the risk, and since October 19, 2020 We have continued to strengthen systematic management measures from production to export since June 28, 2021, and we have not received notification of unqualified quarantine and inspection of imported agricultural products from the land side after June 28, 2021. It is obvious that the strengthening measures are indeed effective.

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“The land side should not impose a ban that seriously affects trade, and start a bilateral technical dialogue before September 30, otherwise, it will be resolved through WTO channels.” The Council of Agriculture said that in order to further ensure the rights and interests of farmers, it has planned to raise NT$10. With a funding of 100 million yuan, various domestic and foreign sales enhancement measures have been adopted. The Sakyamuni and Lotus Wu ordering platforms are under discussion and will be announced in the near future. At that time, domestic groups and consumers are welcome to actively order.

The Council of Agriculture stated that Vice Chairman Chen Junji will go to Taitung on the 22nd. The Agriculture and Food Administration will also hold production and sales adjustment seminars in Kaohsiung and Pingtung, inviting county and city governments, farmers and farmers’ groups, exporters, and processing industries to defend together. Farmers’ rights, and strengthen export quarantine inspections for more than ten countries, including Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Macau, where Sakyamuni and lotus mist are currently exported.

Finally, the Council of Agriculture invited the farmers of Sakyamuni and Lianwu, farmer groups, exporters, e-commerce platforms, processing industries, and domestic sales channels to implement production and sales adjustments to ensure the rights and interests of farmers. The Council of Agriculture is confident to ensure that farmers in Taiwan will not be negatively affected by unreasonable measures on the other side.

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