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The Celexon CLR HomeCinema Plus motorized screen: A wise choice for fans of ultra-short throw projectors

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The Celexon CLR HomeCinema Plus motorized screen: A wise choice for fans of ultra-short throw projectors

The Celexon CLR HomeCinema Plus motorized screen: A wise choice for fans of ultra-short throw projectors

I am delighted to offer you, between now and the end of February, a test of the CLR motorized floor screen from Celexondesigned specifically for ultra-short throw projectors. Celexon is a recognized German brand that distributes its products in Europe, offering technical support and local after-sales service.

The Celexon CLR screen HomeCinema Plus represents a significant improvement for ultra-short throw (UST) projectors. Its unique multi-layer design allows for a noticeable increase in black level and effectively reduces the phenomenon of “gray veil” induced by ambient light. The latter is actively deflected or absorbed by the screen surface, ensuring a contrasty image even in low-light environments, whether lamps or natural light.

CELEXON CLR HomeCinema Plus

The canvas to “black grid on micrometer scale” is perfectly suited to all common projector resolutions, from Full HD to 4K, and even future resolutions up to 8K thanks to its special fabric structure. Of particular note is the stable viewing angle of up to 170 degrees , allowing all viewers to fully enjoy a cinematic experience without any restrictions, regardless of their position on the sofa.

The frame is available in black and white to suit your aesthetic preferences and environment, in three different sizes: 100, 110 and 120 inches.

The proven rope tension system ensures a perfectly flat surface, essential for ultra-short throw projection, without unsightly creases at the edges. To ensure uniform tension across the entire surface, the brand has introduced concavely cut side tension tabs.

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The fabric covering provides a uniquely soft feel through innovative backing material blends, eliminating horizontal stripes and curling or sticking marks.

The necessary USB trigger cable is included and can be connected to USB-enabled ultra-short throw projectors, allowing the screen to automatically extend when the projector is started or automatically retract when it is turned off.

The supplied mounting brackets are continuously tiltable up to +/- 1.5°, allowing perfect alignment between the screen and projector, eliminating the need for digital keystone correction which could alter image quality .

CELEXON CLR HomeCinema Plus

The high-quality housing with a clean design blends discreetly into modern environments. Its cubic shape allows easy integration into furniture, without disturbing the aesthetics of the room, especially when retracted.

You have the choice: place the screen on the floor, on or behind a sideboard, or attach it to the wall. Once plugged in, the display is ready for use. For an even more discreet installation, the box can be integrated into a piece of furniture of your choice. The side controls and power outlet are designed to take up little space and not stick out. The integrated handles make handling much easier.

Summary of main features

Electric tripod projection screen with automatic opening, Ultra-short throw projection screen Celexon CLR / Laser TV”black grid“, lenticular Standard bottom height: 350 mm (adjustable via remote control) Black back Concave cut tension system, effective against creases Stable and durable scissor joint system, tested over several thousand cycles Integrated control unit with various options control RF and IR remote controls included Trigger cable included and integrated trigger unit, +5 to +12V DC, via 3.5mm jack to USB Quiet and powerful tubular motor: durable and quiet Separate motor for opening mechanism automatic Current output seen from the front on the left, EU format power cable 220V, 50Hz.

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