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The Christmas commercial, WINDTRE focuses on 5G and its stores

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The Christmas commercial, WINDTRE focuses on 5G and its stores

WINDTRE is on air with the Christmas commercial.

In the new episode of the “sidekick” platform, the brand ambassador Fiorello celebrates, with the smile and irony that distinguish him, the WINDTRE Store as a place where you can find closeness, consultancy and the ability to surprise, especially during the Christmas holidays, with connectivity, energy and insurance solutions.

The Christmas commercial

This commercial continues the narrative of WINDTRE’s role as a “sidekick” alongside families in everyday challenges, making the best 5G smartphones, an excellent connection with the WINDTRE network and unlimited gigabytes as a gift accessible for the holidays. in addition to the multi-service solutions that the company offers in the energy and insurance sectors for home and family, inviting people to go to the WINDTRE Stores.

WINDTRE Store, heart of the offer

The WINDTRE Store is in fact the increasingly central place in the customer relationship strategy: it is where you can live a new experience thanks to the help of dedicated consultants, it is where WINDTRE truly becomes the ally of families. It is where people can always find someone at their side, ready to help them with simplicity, transparency and quality to face everyday challenges.


The commercial was created by Wunderman Thompson and directed by Federico Brugia (Alto Verbano production company), broadcast from 3 December in the 30″ and 15″ format with planning by Dentsu supported by a digital communication plan. Commercial editing by XLR8.


CCO: Lorenzo Crespi Creative Director/Art Director: Pietro Lorusso Consultant Creative Director / Copywriter: Federico Ghiso Chief Strategy Officer: Marco Bandini Strategic Planner: Valentina Lillo Client Director: Giovanna Curti Account Supervisor: Martina Rastelli Senior TV Producer: Virginie Alexandre

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Tommaso Vitali: B2C Marketing & New Business Director
Mario Passetti: Head of Brand Strategy, Marketing offer, Vey Mobile
Sara Camilletti:  Head of Brand and Marketing Strategy
Anna Rita Velotti: Brand – Traditional Communication
Consulenza Creativa: Augmented Creativity


Production: Alto Verbano Executive Producer: Giacomo Pozzetto Director: Federico Brugia Producer: Roberta Brambilla

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