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The city of Abbotsford, BC is still in a flood emergency. Mayor: Hope to bless the sky | BC | Abbotsford | Pumping Station

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【Epoch Times November 23, 2021】(The Epoch Times reporterLiu QingCompiled and reported in Vancouver, Canada)British ColumbiaAbbotsfordcityAbbotsford)The key pumping station on November 16,It was almost destroyed in the raging flood on the 17th, although the current risks to the dam and pumping station have been reduced,But the city decided to extend the state of emergency until November 29.

Last weekend (November 20-21),AbbotsfordA major gap in the Sumas Levee was successfully repaired, preventing water from the Sumas River from flowing to the bottom of the Prairie Lake, alleviating concerns about further damage following the record flooding in British Columbia last week.

However, according to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, more rainfall is expected in the coming week.AbbotsfordThe city’s response to the catastrophic flood is still intensifying.

According to “CBC News”, Mayor Henry Braun said that after the dam was restored, the water from the Sumas River no longer flows into the former Lake Sumas. The previous waterways in the area were drained a century ago. For farmland.

But the mayor warned that the dam must be raised and widened by another three meters to effectively prevent more water inflow. “We need to finish this before the next heavy rainEverything”, Braun said.“In the next four days, 80 to 100 millimeters of precipitation are expected. If the rain does not concentrate, I will be very optimistic and hope God will bless you.”

According to Canadian environmental forecasts, as of Sunday, rainfall in this area may occur around noon on Monday (November 22) and continue until next weekend.

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but,The environment department has issued a warning to the coastal areas in the northern part of the province.Reported that heavy rain is expected in the next few days.

Sunday morning, BraunGo toThe Barrow Town Pumping Station, where volunteers and soldiers have been building sandbag walls to prevent floods from entering, thereby protecting this important infrastructure.

The pumping station announced that it had completely opened the sluice on November 21 and lowered the water level.

According to the authorities, although farmers and volunteers scrambled to rescue animals, thousands of livestock have died.

At the same time, the city issued a boil-water advisory (boil-water advisory) to the Sumas Prairie region last Thursday (November 18). But the water supply in other parts of the city is safe and drinkable.

Canadian soldiers who have arrived to assist in the restoration work are helping to strengthen the sandbag wall. Their mission is to help clean up the debris caused by the disaster.

The city estimates that its emergency reception center has registered 800 residents who were forced to leave due to the flood.

Note: The boiling water warning means that the water in your community may contain germs that can make you sick. It is best to use bottled or boiled water for drinking, as well as preparing and cooking food.

If there is no bottled water, boil the water fully for 1 minute (at an altitude of 6,500 feet, boil for 3 minutes). After boiling, let the water cool before using.

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