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the commercial on the personalization service on TV

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the commercial on the personalization service on TV

At the center of the new advert is the service that allows customers to personalize their telephone number

to. Mobile launches the new TV campaign, on air on the main television stations and on digital and social channels, which promotes “ho. The number I want”, the service that allows customers to personalize their telephone number.

The campaign’s testimonial is the content creator Faffapix, who “dives” into the ho logo. Mobile, as if it were a space-time passage, to then find himself inside a swimming pool, surrounded by spectators ready to give a score to his dive. The sequence of votes takes the form of a telephone number ho. Mobile that Faffapix, with a simple gesture, customizes to his liking.

The service is available for both new and existing customers, who will now be able to choose the combination they prefer quickly and easily also via the ho app. Mobile, as well as the possibility of going to the store or calling customer service. The cost of the service is 4,99€.

It’s possible customize your phone number choosing between three different modes: opting for a date of birth or a special day, entering from two to four preferred digits or, finally, taking advantage of the automatic generator which suggests a sequence of numbers.

to. Mobile

to. Mobile is a virtual mobile operator born in 2018 and able to respond to customer needs in a simple and transparent way, through a totally digital and omnichannel experience. With the ho app. Mobile is indeed possible activate the SIM, check consumption and remaining credit, top up and manage the offer quickly and easily. I have. offers simple and clear offers: no extra costs, exceeding thresholds, contracts or constraints. I have. Mobile also has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot.

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I have initiatives. Mobile

I have. Mobile has further optimized the digital experience of its customers, allowing those who purchase SIMs via the website with home delivery, to activate them thanks to authentication via the Spid system, with all the Identity Providers accredited by Agid. The activation process takes place via the ho app. Mobile with serial number scanning and second level authentication via Spid as already happens for many digital public services. Once these two simple steps have been completed, customers, in just a few minutes, will be able to start using the purchased SIM to navigate, make calls or send text messages.

For customers I have. The ho.+ service is available on Mobile which gives access to discounts, offers and benefits from selected partners. By activating ho.+, customers also have the option to achieve up to double the browsing speed. The service can be activated via the ho app. Mobile for €1.99 per month.

To interact and communicate with customers in a creative and technological way, I have. Mobile has launched its virtual ambassador ho.lly. ho.lly, created by the startup 2WATCH, winner of the 2022 edition of “Action for 5G”, the Vodafone tender that supports startups and businesses in the development of innovative solutions, accompanies customers in the discovery of ho. Mobile through live streaming and content on the brand’s main social channels, through a digital experience that involves an increasingly compact community. The interaction, direct and informal, allows customers to discover all the advantages and offers of ho. Mobile, as well as the history and passions of ho.lly, with the aim of making it closer to the passions and values ​​of the community every day. The avatar, generated and animated with the CGI technique (Computer Generated Imagery, an application in the field of 3D computer graphics for the rendering of digital special effects), can carry out live streaming, live in the Metaverse, create content for social networks (video and photo) and participate in live events. Furthermore, the ultra-broadband and millisecond latency of Vodafone 5G and the Edge Cloud (MEC) allow the virtual ambassador to interact in real time in a fluid and natural way.

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