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The complaint of the Kabul boys on Facebook: “Whipped by the Taliban because we had jeans”

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Some young Afghans reported being whipped by the Taliban for wearing jeans. In a post published on Facebook and reported by the British newspaper Daily Telegraph, an Afghan boy said he was walking with his friends in Kabul when they were stopped by some Taliban who accused them of “not respecting Islam”.

Two managed to escape but the others were beaten, whipped on the neck and threatened with a gun. The Afghan daily Etilaatroz reported over the weekend that one of its journalists was also beaten for not wearing “Afghan clothes”. And there have been other reports of young men being targeted for wearing T-shirts and jeans.

The CNN correspondent, Clarissa Ward, in the last days before leaving the country had been forced to wear the traditional clothes imposed on women by the Taliban to continue to tell what was happening on the streets of Kabul, between the gunshots and moments of great tension .

Afghanistan, the testimony of two women: “The Taliban do not let us into the office. They are the same as 20 years ago”

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