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The “Dear Sweet Kyoko” sticker album arrives.

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The “Dear Sweet Kyoko” sticker album arrives.

Without a doubt it is one of the most romantic animated series broadcast on Italian channels, a work taken from the manga created by the great Rumiko Takashi. We are talking about Cara Dolce Kyoko aka Maison Ikkoku.

Arriving in Italy at the beginning of the 90s, it immediately achieved enormous success, yet, compared to other Anime, a sticker album has never been dedicated to it, with the exception of a French version which however…

When it seemed that an Italian version of stickers would never be brought into print, a group of enthusiasts created the Italian sticker album version. The initiative started from the Facebook page “Creamy Mami Forever” and through a friend, I managed to obtain the beautiful and romantic album of “Cara Dolce Kyoko”.

A work of 32 pages plus 4 covers, 245 rectangular stickers, single or double, whose images are taken from stills of the anime, all done in a way that recalls the legendary albums of the 80s that were often distributed for free in front of schools. An accurate work that deserves applause to the filmmakers.

The graphics are excellent, with bright and lively colours, each page has captions and original images that tell the events from Kyoko’s arrival at the Maison, to proceed for 12 chapters up to the middle of the story: “Fatal Encounter”, “Christmas Gift ”, “Kyoko’s Encouragement”, “Godai’s Grandmother”, “A Painful Secret”, “The Heartbreaker”, “The First Date”, “Alone at Last”, “Soichiro, Where Art Thou”, “The Wedding of Kyoko”, “Godai Searches for a Home” and “The Anniversary”.

The front cover is beautiful as is the second, in which the main protagonists of the series are presented. To be purchased and enjoyed fully, with it will come all the sachets containing the stickers to complete it… and now we are waiting for the second chapter to complete the story with the happy ending.

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