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The death of an Albanian actor and his wife | Info

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The death of an Albanian actor and his wife |  Info

It is still not known what exactly happened to the Albanian actor and his wife who died in Bronsk.

Source: Facebook/screenshot/Florind Belliu

The mysterious death of an Albanian actor and his wife in August 2022 in the Bronx stunned everyone! Florind Beliu (35) and his wife Ornela Šehi (28) died after falling from the sixth floor of the building, and the police then reviewed the footage, which shows that Ornela fell to the ground first, followed by Florind a few seconds later. The actor and his wife were found in the courtyard of the building, and 10 minutes later they were pronounced dead after being identified by friends and neighbors. Their two children screamed after Ornela’s fall, neighbors said.

Now, new details have surfaced about the tragic death of the actor and his wife. Florind Beli’s last conversations were revealed and this could explain what happened on the fateful day. The death of Florind Beli and Orlena Šehi caused a shock in the local community, and the first reports indicated that Orlena allegedly jumped from the sixth floor, and a few seconds later, Florind jumped after her.

As reported by foreign media, the tragedy happened on Florind’s birthday. The incident happened a few minutes before the mother of the 35-year-old man arrived. Moments before he died, Florind sent message to his mother and they talked for a while because he was celebrating his birthday, states the Albanian newspaper. The man’s mother arrived at the building shortly after her son’s death and was shocked.

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He is reportedly an actor and aspiring film director wrote to his mother before suicide was suspected. The building manager’s wife said she spoke to Florinda just before the tragedy, and he said he spoke to his mother because it was his birthday.

“It was his birthday, his mom told me. He just talked to his mom in the morning.” Šadi Perkaj told Albania Daily News that Florind regretted not being able to open the windows. The building manager’s wife also pointed out that Florind was “in a bad mood” in recent days, while Ornella was “calm”. Neighbors and people who were nearby gave statements to the media and said that the actor and his wife had an argument the day before the tragedy. The construction worker pointed out that he had seen them the day before and thought that the actor did not look well.

“I saw that his eyes were very wide, as if he were angry, but he did not answer me, he just pulled the woman and continued walking. And that was it,” said Harold Johnson for the Albanian Daily News. “The man wanted me to tear off the protection from the window of the apartment before he moved into the building and I told him: ‘You have children, I can’t do that’ and he got angry, he said ‘Okay’.”

Suspicion over the couple’s death continues to grow as new information emerges about the incident. A police spokesman said they believe the actor and aspiring director may be had a mental health problem that could have led to the incident. At the moment, they do not know what caused Orlena to jump from the sixth floor or whether Florind killed her, writes mundonow. “It appears they jumped from the sixth floor,” said a spokesman for the NYPD. “Florind may have had a mental health issue that fueled the incident,” a spokesperson told the New York Post.

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