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The debate NRK, Simen Velle | The “debate” on NRK: – Embarrassing, rather stupid and completely unnecessary

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The debate NRK, Simen Velle |  The “debate” on NRK: – Embarrassing, rather stupid and completely unnecessary

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The “debate” on Tuesday evening was briefly about Simen Velle (FpU) and his much-discussed “tinder infection” of today’s sex culture, equality, searching women with ballast and greater demands for a partner – and about men’s loneliness.

“The debate” on NRK, led by Fredrik Solvang, and which in the eyes of many is the biggest debate arena in this country, started the show by talking to the influencer and comedian Sunniva Tillson; better known among the SoMe congregation as StSunniva.

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95 percent visually challenged

She blurted out the following:

– I strongly disagree with that, because, a bit like Velle and his friends, my friends and I have our own research that we have done ourselves, and based on that research we have seen a slightly different pattern. I just want to say that, for the past two years, my girlfriends and I have slept with men from low-paid professions, unemployed men, men with mild substance abuse problems, men with more serious substance abuse problems, malnourished men, overnourished men. Of all of them, 95 percent were visually challenged, or ugly as some would say.

“Dissing” and dissing

Where one expected a reasonably sane answer from the lady, it was just pure “dissing” and light excoriation of Velle.

The reactions were not long in coming. People in social media were unsure of what they had actually seen and heard. It was milled in all directions.

My opinion; this was just embarrassing, quite stupid and completely unnecessary.

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If they want people to take the “Debate” seriously, you can hardly allow yourself to do so. There are probably other programs on NRK that can handle this.

Like, for example, “New again”.

Because what about those who don’t understand that this was an attempt at humour, and take it seriously?

Fredrik Solvang admitted after StSunniva had shut up that this was just a joke.

And it was good.

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If the woman was a man and the man was a woman

Let’s accept that this was just a joke. Nevertheless:

I guess the “Debate” editors had a goal and a meaning in bringing the influencer into the studio.

But I struggle to see what weight and importance this would add to a discussion that obviously a lot of people want it to be talked about.

It feels a bit like a cheap, light-hearted overrun by Velle, who after all brought the theme to the square.

A bit strange to say that; but in his case, I 100 percent ignore his political point of view, and support the person and the man Velle.

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What surprises me the most is this:

Would Solvang and “Debatten” allow this if Velle were a woman – and let a man, say StHallvard, tease her with extensive use of irony, sarcasm and light-hearted, flat humor?

About how many ugly, unemployed and malnourished women StHallvard had plowed over.

Do not think so.

Then Norway would probably have split lengthwise and Dovre would have fallen.

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Greetings, the country of equality, Norway in 2024.

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