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The Delta variant reproduces 1,000 times faster in the respiratory tract than the original virus | Lambda variants | Infectious | CCP variants

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Beijing time:2021-07-11 02:34

[New Tang Dynasty Beijing time July 11, 2021]The world is pushing for vaccination and various lockdown measures to prevent the spread of the Chinese Communist virus (Covid-19), but the rapid mutation of the virus has repeatedly made various countries’ efforts to prevent the epidemic. According to a Chinese study, the Delta variant, which is currently spreading in many countries, has a faster infection rate, and the replication speed in the respiratory tract is 1,000 times that of the original virus.

According to US media reports, the Virological Forum “Virological” published a study by China‘s Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention on July 7. According to the study, the infection rate of the Delta virus strain is 225% faster than the original virus, and it can be detected by screening 4 days after infection. The original virus can be detected and confirmed within 6 days from infection.

Studies have also shown that the Delta virus strain reproduces faster in the human respiratory tract, and its replication speed is 1,000 times that of the original virus.

The researchers analyzed 62 patients diagnosed with Delta virus in Guangdong Province from May 21 to June 18, and compared them with those diagnosed in early 2020, and reached the above conclusion.

The Delta variant virus was first discovered in India and has now spread to at least 90 countries and regions around the world. The WHO warned that Delta may become a major epidemic strain in the world. In addition to the faster spreading speed, earlier Chinese studies also pointed out that the pathogenicity rate of the Delta virus has also increased.

Because of the mutation of the virus, the effectiveness of many existing vaccines has been greatly reduced. According to statistics from the Health Bureau of England, even with two doses of AZ vaccine, the protection rate against Delta virus can only reach 60%. Currently Pfizer and BioNTech are also preparing to develop a third dose of vaccine against Delta, or even a new vaccine.

In addition to the Delta variant, the Lambda variant that is spreading in South America has also been accused of “unusual mutations”, making Peru one of the countries with the highest mortality rate in the world. The Ministry of Health of Malaysia recently tweeted that this variant virus is more dangerous than the Delta variant virus.

(Reporter Zheng Gusheng Comprehensive Report / Chief Editor: Yun Tao)

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