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The Doomsday Clock still shows 90 seconds until the end of the world

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The Doomsday Clock still shows 90 seconds until the end of the world

Same date and same seconds. Just like last year, in fact, the Doomsday Clock, the doomsday clock, returns to remind us how close the end of the world is. And the time we have left, unfortunately, is the same: 90 seconds to midnight, or the day of judgment. TO report it was the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board (Sabs), the expert council also formed by Nobel who every year, in fact, are called to update the hands of the apocalypse clock.

The Doomsday Clock

Let us briefly remember that the Doomsday Clock is a metaphor created by a committee of experts in 1947, during the Cold War, when it showed 7 minutes to midnight. This clock, in fact, is used to quantify the risk of a hypothetical end of the world, when humanity will no longer be able to remedy the threats created by human beings themselves. Over the last 76 years the hands of the clock have gradually moved more and more towards midnight, that is, towardstime of judgmentreaching an all-time low of 90 seconds last year.

One step away from the end

Just like last year, the major threats that continue to drive the world towards catastrophe are: guerra between Russia and Ukraine and the growing dependence on nuclear weaponsthe disinformation. I climate changesi also made the 2023 the hottest year ever recorded, with floods, fires and heat-related environmental catastrophes having detrimental effects on all humanity. “Today, we once again set the clock at 90 seconds to midnight as humanity continues to face a level of danger Without precedents”, the experts explain. “Our decision should not be interpreted as a sign that the international security situation has eased. Leaders and citizens around the world, however, should take this as a stark warning and respond urgently, as if today were the day. most dangerous moment of modern history.”

Wars, nuclear weapons and climate change

While an end to the war between Russia and Ukraine seems to be still far away, and the use of nuclear weapons remains a serious possibility, the conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas has the potential to escalate into a broader Middle Eastern confrontation that could pose unpredictable threats, regionally and globally. For what concern climate2023 was the hottest year ever, with record temperatures and greenhouse gas emissions continuing to increase. “Current efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are grossly insufficient to avoid dangerous human and economic impacts resulting from climate changeswhich disproportionately affect the world‘s poorest people.”spiegano dal Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board. “Unless there is a marked increase in efforts, the price of human suffering due to climate disruption will increase inexorably.”

AI and biological threats

Alongside wars and climate change, experts highlight another critical issue: the convergence of tools artificial intelligence (Ai) and genetic engineering technologies could lead to abuse. AI, as experts point out, is a disruptive technology and efforts to regulate it should be expanded. Indeed, it also has the potential to amplify misinformation, thus preventing us from effectively addressing nuclear risks, pandemics and climate change. “As a first step, and despite their profound disagreements, three of the major world powers (United States, China and Russia) should engage in serious dialogue on each of the global threats outlined here.”experts warn. “These three countries must take responsibility for the danger the world faces. They have the ability to save the world from the brink of catastrophe. They should do it, with clarity and courage, and without delay.”

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