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The EU warns Musk: Twitter must respect the rules or it will be banned

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The EU warns Musk: Twitter must respect the rules or it will be banned

Not even a month from the beginning of Twitterthat Elon Musk it is already at loggerheads with the European Union. From Brussels, in fact, they are threatening to block the blue bird’s social network if the new policies set by the new management (or more simply by Elon Musk), break the rules on content moderation. The “free spech” of Mister Tesla, therefore, will be examined by the EU, with Thierry Bretonthe European commissioner in charge of the implementation of digital rules, who in a video call with Musk himself effectively exposed all the European perplexities about the new course of Twitter.

Musk and Breton have agreed that the EU will carry out a “stress test” at Twitter headquarters in early 2023 to assess the social network’s compliance with European standards. But the risk, at least according to what the Financial Timesis that the social network can violate the new Digital Services Act of the EU, a landmark law that sets the global standard for how Big Tech controls content on the internet.

Breton reiterated that in case of violation of these rules, Twitter could face a ban at the European level or fines of up to 6% of global turnover. And Musk has repeatedly said he thinks Digital Services AcT itself “makes sense,” adding that he’s read the legislation and thought it should be applied everywhere in the world.

“There is still a lot of work to be done as Twitter will need to implement transparent user policies, significantly strengthen content moderation and protect free speech, aggressively address misinformation and limit targeted advertising,” Breton said. to Musk, according to the account of the conversation.

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Among the EU’s requests is that Musk provide clear criteria on which users are at risk of being banned. It should be remembered that in recent weeks Musk has restored the account of Donald Trump, after conducting a kind of user poll on whether to allow the former US president to return to the site. Also other controversial accounts, including that one Kanye West (at the time banned anti-Semitic comments), and that of Andrew Tate (blocked for misogynistic content), they were invited back to Twitter. The same characters remain banned from rival platforms Facebook e Instagram.

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