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The European Union meets in Kiev, government summit with Zelensky. Von Der Leyen and Borrell: “We are with Ukraine”

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The European Union meets in Kiev, government summit with Zelensky.  Von Der Leyen and Borrell: “We are with Ukraine”

It can really be called a war summit. The European Commission arrived in Kiev today to meet the Ukrainian government and leaders just as Russia seems ready to launch a new offensive. A summit that falls just a few days after the American decision and that of several European partners to step up military supplies to the country that is undergoing aggression from the Kremlin.

What are the GLSDBs, the new bombs arriving from the US that could undermine the Russian offensive

by Floriana Bulfon

The president of the European executive arrived in the Ukrainian capital this morning, Ursula von der Leyenwith fifteen other commissioners including Paul Gentiloni and the head of foreign policy, Joseph Borrell. “The visit of the College – reads a note – is a strong symbol of the Commission’s support for Ukraine in the face of unmotivated and unjustified aggression by Russia. The meeting between the Commission and the Ukrainian government will be an opportunity to exchange information on the many areas of cooperation between the EU and Ukraine and discuss the country’s upcoming reconstruction and European path. It is also an opportunity to further deepen cooperation with Ukraine”.

From defense to reconstruction: the dossiers on the table

Von Der Leyen underlined how “nice it is to be back in Kiev, my fourth time since the invasion of Russia. This time, with my team of Commissioners. We are here together to show that the EU supports Ukraine more firmly than ever. And to further deepen our support and cooperation.”

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Ukraine, Danilov: “We are ready for a new offensive, but the war will not last. Putin is in a corner”

by our correspondent Paolo Brera

During the talks, in addition to the support to face Moscow’s advance, discussions will inevitably be held on how to help Ukraine from an economic point of view. “Arrived in Kiev to convey the EU’s strongest message of support to all Ukrainians who defend their country. EU assistance – underlined Borrell – has reached 50 billion since the start of Russia’s war. L Europe has stood united with Ukraine since day one. And it will still stand with you to win and rebuild.”

A difficult integration

But also how to follow the process for Kiev’s entry into the EU. This is still a very long journey. However, candidate status can already make it possible to make some forms of integration, particularly commercial, more feasible. And this is the aspect on which he bets Zelensky. A bet that also arises from a shared interest: reconstruction. Ukraine already needs and will need even more in the future aid to put a bombed country back on its feet and whose industrial and financial fabric has been seriously compromised. The stakes relating to 40 million people are very high. And above all mutual. And the EU has already started allocating the first sums in this regard.

A series of bilateral talks will therefore be held today between the commissioners and the ministers. Tomorrow the real summit (in the meantime some representatives of the Commission will return to Brussels also for a question of security) which will also be attended by the president of the European Council, Charles Michel. Even if – as has been the case for some time now – the obvious disagreement between Von der Leyen and Michel is emerging on this occasion as well. The latter already visited Kiev a couple of weeks ago. Tomorrow he will arrive in Ukraine by himself. In short, the Commission and the Council are doing everything to divide and not get along.

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