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The Farm Celebrity, Emilie Nereng | The “Farmen” drama was not shown on TV: – I was very scared

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The Farm Celebrity, Emilie Nereng |  The “Farmen” drama was not shown on TV: – I was very scared

Life on a farm is not easy, especially when there is a high workload mixed with little sleep and food. Then things can quickly go wrong, and bruises and scrapes are to be expected on the farm.

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But it is probably not unusual for damage to occur on the farm in the “Farmen” farm. This season is no exception, and several of the events the viewers never get to see on the TV screen.

In front of Nettavisen, among others, Emilie Nereng (28) tells that during her stay she lost feeling in her hand as a result of an injury.

– My God, now I’m ruined for life

Nereng suffered several injuries during her stay on the farm, including when she cut her thumb with a saw early in her stay.

But it got worse when Nereng cut himself deep in the elbow joint in an encounter with a tool.

– I lost my grip for a whole day, reveals Nereng to Nettavisen.

Nereng does not hide that panic set in quickly, especially when she was unable to hold or grasp things with her right hand that she had injured:

– I was very scared. I always go straight into crisis mode, admits Nereng.

– I remember it was very disgusting. I thought I’d broken my arm and thought, “Oh my God, now I’m broken for life,” she continues.

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Nereng’s injury drama has not received TV time in this year’s season, but according to the 28-year-old, she received medical help in the form of an ice pack. Nereng himself says that it ended well.

Press manager at TV 2 Jan-Petter Dahl confirms to Nettavisen that Nereng was examined and received follow-up by the medical officer in production. Fortunately, the extent of the damage was not as serious as first thought.

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– Such injuries are unpleasant and can temporarily exceed the ability to grip, but as production experienced it, it got better over time, says Dahl.

– Bitter that it was not shown on TV

The injuries on the “Farmen kjendis” came on a conveyor belt for all of the participants, and several incidents were never picked up on camera.

Earlier in the season, when Sander Austad Dale (25) was a big farmer, he too suffered an injury.

It became a bloody affair when Dale made some wreaths in connection with the Midsummer show on “Farmen kjendis”, and he managed to cut his finger on a metal wire.

– I went a little too hard and cut myself. It got quite deep and it started to bleed properly, says Dale to Nettavisen.

Similar to Nereng’s cases, the cameras were not present when the 25-year-old injured himself, and Dale tells Nettavisen that he would have liked to see the bloody injury included in the programme.

– I was bitter that it was not shown on TV that I got a lot of blood all over me. That was the only thing I wanted on camera, but they weren’t present, says Dale to Nettavisen.

– If I had been instructed to do it again, I would certainly have done it. A bit of self-harm in prime time, it’s nice, he jokes, adding that he escaped cheaply and suffered no permanent injuries.

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One injury that was caught on camera, however, is Emma Ellingsen’s (22) fall. Already in the first episode of the programme, the 22-year-old injured herself when she tripped and didn’t catch herself. Ellingsen thus fell flat on his face, and for the first few weeks walked around the farm with a large wound on his forehead.

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Ellingsen has told Nettavisen that the fall naturally did not feel good, but that today she is able to see the humor in the fall.

– It wasn’t good, but it’s fun. It was my own fault, I didn’t tie my shoes well enough, she told Nettavisen in an earlier interview.

Get safety training

With the exception of Ellingsen’s fall, according to TV 2, there is a good explanation for why several of the injuries have not been included in this year’s season.

The press manager says that they try to give the public a correct picture of what happens on the farm, but that also means that certain events have to be sacrificed.

– In “Farmen kjendis”, hundreds of hours of recording are done a week, which will again be cut down to individual episodes. Therefore, there will always be a lot that happens on the farm that is not included in the finished programmes. The important thing for us is to give the viewers a correct picture of the stories, relationships and participants on the farm, which we feel we have succeeded in this season as well, says Jan-Petter Dahl to Nettavisen.

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Several of the injuries that have occurred during this year’s season have occurred in connection with the use of tools, but according to TV 2, the participants receive good training on this beforehand.

– The participants in “Farmen kjendis” receive safety training on the tools that are the most dangerous to use. In addition, the production has a medical officer who has daily contact with the participants, and who contacts a doctor or other health personnel if necessary, says Jan-Petter Dahl to Nettavisen.

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The production also makes reservations that the participants will sustain minor injuries, and TV 2 is very satisfied that no one in this year’s season was seriously injured.

– On the “Farmen” farm there is a lot of hard and monotonous work, and many situations that are new and unfamiliar to the participants. Therefore, it is natural and expected that wounds and minor injuries can occur, says Dahl and adds:

– In this year’s season, fortunately, no one was seriously injured, which we are very happy about.

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