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The Fauns, review of their album How Lost (2024)

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The Fauns, review of their album How Lost (2024)

More than a decade after its previous installment was released, “Lights” (Invade, 13), The Fauns release a new album in which they extend those marked preferences for shoegaze, dream-pop and electronics that also appeared in the combo’s eponymous premiere in 2009. Sound textures that are nourished by more or less balanced doses of the aforementioned ingredients, demonstrating , throughout nine new songs, which handle the genres in question with ease.

The truth is that the British group composed of Alison Garner, Will Slater, Michael Savage and Guy Rhys-Davies does not present anything new under the sun, and the present “How Lost” (Invada, 24) contains few surprises among its forty-five minute duration. Those from Bristol do not impose themselves as a very outstanding band within the league in which they play, but, in return, they are completely solvent when it comes to billing songs that meet the basic parameters of the matter and guarantee the satisfaction of anyone who has succumbed. at those specific sounds. It is the conclusion left by the apparent initial trio formed by “Mixtape Days”, “Shake Your Hair” y “How Lost” (the best of the lot). Some highlights that should be added “Modified” (undisguised turn towards electronics and which refers directly to Moby), “Clear” or a “Dark Discotheque” which points more to Saint Etienne.

“How Lost” (Invada, 24) is, in short, an interesting album for fans of the aforementioned styles and fans of groups such as Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Ride or even The XX that, incidentally, has a closing as the canons dictate: a outstanding piece, extensive, with changing rhythms and at times suffocating as it is “Spacewreck”. Indeed, this album will not change anyone’s life, but it is difficult for it to disappoint the inhabitants of the universe described.

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