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The final battle in the US mid-term elections: Georgia senators declare fierce war | Georgia | NTDTV Online

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The final battle in the US mid-term elections: Georgia senators declare fierce war | Georgia | NTDTV Online

[New Tang Dynasty, Beijing time, December 07, 2022]On December 6, people in Georgia, the United States, came to polling stations to make their own choices for the last battle of this midterm election—the Senate seat in Georgia.

Football legend Herschel Walker, 60, is representing the Republican Party against Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock, 53, a former pastor.

In the first vote on November 8, although Warnock announced that he had a lead of 37,000 votes over Walker, neither of them received more than 50% of the votes. According to Georgia law, the election was declared a failure. This time, other candidates have no right to participate, and only two people will have a peak duel. The result of this time will determine who of the two can get a ticket to Washington, DC.

The picture shows on December 5, 2022, Republican candidate and 60-year-old football legend Herschel Walker received the support of US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and spoke to voters in Kennesaw, Georgia. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

last fight

Before December 6, about 1.85 million Georgian voters had cast ballots in advance, setting a record for the state’s voting history.

On voting day, the sky in Atlanta was not beautiful, and the biting cold wind brought fine drizzle, hitting people’s faces and bodies, making them extremely cold. Fortunately, the voting line was long but moved quickly, so people didn’t spend too long outside.

The election results for the Georgia Senate seat mean a lot to American politics. In the November 8 election, Republican Gov. Brain Kemp was confirmed for re-election. This time, if Warnock wins, it means that in the 2024 presidential election, Georgia, as a key swing state, will continue to elect surprising results. If Walker succeeds, the chances of victory for the Republican Party will be higher than that of the Democratic Party.

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On the eve of polling day, Dec. 5, both candidates were making final pushes.

On that day, Walker and his wife Julie (Julie) thanked voters for their support and encouraged them to vote on the 6th and use their actions to choose people who can represent their rights in the next six years. In the previous weeks, Walker criticized Warnock in canvassing for embracing all of Biden’s policies as a rubber stamp without any personal will and ignoring the interests of voters.

In Atlanta on the 5th, Warnock continued to accuse Walker of lacking political experience and not being able to serve as a senator.

The picture shows on December 5, 2022, Democratic candidate and former pastor Raphael Warnock is pulling votes at Georgia Tech University. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

peak duel

The Walker-Warnock showdown is not just a race to represent Georgia, but a key battle for Senate seats.

According to the results of the Nov. 8 election, the next bipartisan Senate will win 50 seats for Democrats and 49 for Republicans. The Democrats also have a vote from incumbent Vice President Harrison Harris, so they already have a majority.

If Walker can win this time, the Republican Party will have 50 seats in the next Senate, otherwise it will use a weaker 49 seats against the Democratic Party’s 51+1 seats.

(Reporter Ren Hao compiles the report/Responsible editor: Lin Qing)

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